Postal Uwe Boll The Flawed Guru Movie Film ReviewNow for the first official film review I ever wrote, and please, don’t ask me why it happened to be this film, as looking back on it, even I don’t know why it was. All I know is that this review, from November 25th, 2008, was my first foray into film reviewing, which continues to this day. So here we go, and I hope you what cringe at the writing as much as I will.

Well, I’ll start my first ever blog here with a review of the movie Postal, which I watched last night with my flat mates. Now, this is a movie that’s been out for a couple of years and had heard about it through the grapevine, but I never thought I would actually see it. Why? Because it’s written and directed by Uwe Boll, Mr B-Grade himself.

You see, this man is known for making many, and I mean many, bad films based on computer games. This film though was an original piece of cinema and was meant to be a piss take of American culture and a general satire. So when my flat mate brought it home, I was like, ‘Ohh well, I’ll give it a go’.

I hadn’t seen any of his films before, as I’ve just been told they are pretty bad, and so I trusted those words and never made an effort to see his films, and now I see why I trusted them for so long. This film clearly can’t be much different than his other films people think are bad…but…it did have a few good moments, and I mean only a few.

It had some pretty funny parts along the lines of classic films like Naked Gun and Hot Shots, and those good parts did hold up well and were pretty funny. Other than those though, it was downhill from there, and the rest was filled with bad cringe worthy jokes.

Postal Uwe Boll The Flawed Guru Movie Film ReviewThe film was far too long, and could have done with at least 15 minutes cut out, and that could easily have come from tightening up the editing, as some scenes dragged on with dead space which is never a good thing, unless you’re a talented filmmaker who knows how to work with such silences. There was some pretty bad acting and some strange directing choices on top of that, so its flaws were many and frequent.

I even got up at one stage and walked out of the room to grab something, which I never do normally during a film without pausing it, so clearly it wasn’t holding my attention. Which pretty much sums up Postal to be honest, and I don’t really want to waste more of my time reviewing a film that was pretty bad all round. For a smaller film though, it wasn’t as bad as you would expect, as it was about as funny as Meet the Spartans, which would have had a much bigger budget, but even saying that doesn’t really mean anything, as that film also sucked regardless of the budget.

3 out of 10 from me!!!

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