About Time

Rachel McAdams, Richard Curtis, The Flawed Guru, About Time, Movie, Film ReviewLife, is a funny old beast, and I stick by that as I flow through it, and I’m once again reminded of this after having seen About Time tonight. When I first saw the poster for this film on the local cinema website, I actually thought it was the film Much Ado About Nothing, which is the latest film from Joss Whedon.

A few weeks later, after having seen this poster many times, I heard about the latest film from writer/director, Richard Curtis, who has brought us such great films as Love Actually and Pirate Radio, and funnily enough is a kiwi, which I once again just reminded myself of having done a little research into this film. I had read the film was really good, and involved time travel, so that perked my interest, but that’s where my thoughts about that film ended.

Cut to a few days back, and someone said a time travel film was currently playing at the cinema, and I wondered if it was this Richard Cutis film. I jumped onto the same site I visit every week, and the only film that could have been this time travel film was About Time, which I thought was the Joss Whedon film, Much Ado About Nothing. That’s when the dumbass side of my brain got kicked to the curb, as I realised these films had very different titles.

Now that I had figured that complex issue out, I decided I wanted to see it. Also around this time I was looking to lock down a Tuesday night routine for myself, of dinner and a movie for cheap night Tuesday at the cinema, and because of this I was hoping to catch an early screening. That was going to be the 5.30pm The Butler screening, but just as I was about to close the website, the 5.15pm screening of About Time jumped out at me, and this whole roundabout story of why I decided to pick this film suddenly solidified in my brain, and I picked that one instead.

Rachel McAdams, Richard Curtis, The Flawed Guru, About Time, Movie, Film Review

Boy was I glad I did, as for every $1 I spent on seeing this film I gave it a mark out of 10, and being cheap night Tuesday meant it was $10, and I don’t often give out the old 10/10. The film itself was a bit of a slow burner, but by the end, I was so madly in love with this film, and eyes misty with tears, that I couldn’t help but have a massive smile on my face with gratefulness that life had lead me to see this film, in a cinema, all to myself.

This is a love story, but not about people falling in love, but about the love of life itself. The deeper message behind this film is one of the strongest I’ve seen in a long time, and I haven’t had a film affect me like this since I saw Midnight In Paris a couple years back. I wish people would stop watching romance by the number movies, like the yearly Nicholas Sparks films that get churned out, and instead sit down and watch films like this, and Midnight In Paris, as those film, to me, are the true romance films.

About Time even had one of the best lines of dialogue I’ve ever heard in film, and it’s a bit spoilerish, so I won’t post the whole thing here, but it includes the words, “I’m fucking furious”, though it’s a heartbreakingly delivered and meaningful line. Simply put, I loved this film, and it made me leave the cinema looking at life with a smile on my face and hope in my heart.

10 out of 10 from me!!!

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