Rosemary’s Baby

Rosemary's Baby, The Flawed Guru, Film, Movie ReviewI’ve been a horror fan for a long time, as I was always drawn to them for some reason. I remember when my older brother worked at a video store for 3 years, when I was 12 to 15, and I always found myself in the horror section when I went to visit him. Being the good brother that he was, he always let me rent them out as well, though of course without our parent’s knowledge, because often they were R rated. So I had the privilege of seeing many a scary as hell film well before I should have, which was awesome, but one of these classics I never got around to seeing, though I saw the cover often, was Rosemary’s Baby.

So at the beginning of 2013 I set myself the goal of watching all 250 films on the IMDB top 250 list, though only watching the ones I hadn’t seen before, as re-watching the ones I had would have made it next to impossible to do in one year. So as I’ve slowly chipped away at this list, I knew there were many classic films I was going to watch as part of this challenge, and that Rosemary’s Baby, which I had been meaning to watch since I was a kid, was there, at number 244, as of November 10th, 2013.

But, a lot has happened between those early teenage years and now in my life, and horror is one genre I’m not really drawn to anymore. If I am drawn to films that define themselves as horror, it’s normally because they are high-concept stories, or ones that seem to be a little more than just hack and slash bad-guy films.

Though one thing I’ll say about classic horror films, is they tend to be the type I still like to watch, as they are less about the blood and guts, and more about the psychology of the horror, and Rosemary’s Baby looked like one of those, so despite me not being into the genre as much as I used to be, I was looking forward to see this one.

Rosemary's Baby, The Flawed Guru, Film, Movie Review

Often when you see these classic films for the first time, you can’t help but feel they are a little cliché, but then you quickly remember this is famous for a reason, and most likely created those clichés that are now ripped off by many films that followed it. So the storyline of Rosemary’s Baby felt very familiar, and ran a rather typical path, but it still had a few touches that I loved.

There were a few things that annoyed me though, and that was mainly based around Rosemary herself, who seemed so easily manipulated into situations, and often very forthcoming with getting lead down those paths. Even when she started not trust people around her, she seemed to change her mind about them quickly, and even at one point, when she ‘had’ decided they were bad, she for some reason outright trusted the Dr these ‘bad’ people had suggested she see. That, I thought was really annoying.

But, I’m not going to be too hard on the film for that, as this had some pretty full on story elements, especially for a film from 1968. So though the film played out almost exactly as I thought it would, the ending was not what I was expecting, and I loved it, and was easily the best part of the film! It was the kind of ending you didn’t really see coming and left you slightly wide-eyed as the last frame went to black. So though not a perfect film, it still deserves its classic film status.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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