Before Sunrise

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Richard Linklater, the Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewWhen you’re a single guy, you don’t really go out of your way to watch films like Before Sunrise, if not purely for what the poster looks like, and with this film it looked pretty soppy. But being the massive film lover I am, and not really caring what I watch, that stuff never holds me back. So when I was making my way through the IMDB top 250 list, I saw two films of a trilogy on it, Before Sunrise, and Before Midnight, so I knew I was going to need to watch all three, which also meant seeing Before Sunset which nearly made the top 250.

Going through this top 250 IMDB film challenge has got me to see many great films, and when I went into this one, I decided to check out who were the directors and writers behind this series of films that seemed to all rate very high in both critics and general viewers eyes. That’s when I suddenly became aware of a filmmaker that I didn’t know of, yet had loved all their films I had seen, and they were the writer and director behind all of them, including this whole trilogy.

Realizing you’re a massive fan of the person behind Bernie, Dazed And Confused, and School Of Rock, and you didn’t even know it was from the same person, is a very exciting thing, especially when you’re about to partake in a trilogy of their films. So with that excitement in my veins, I was very interested to see these films back to back, which meant first off I needed to see the 1995 film, Before Sunrise.

Told over the course of what I’m guessing was exactly 24 hours in Vienna, Austria, two strangers meet on a train and end up on a whirlwind journey of romance in which both fall madly in love within that short period of time. I know, I know, sounds soppy, just like the poster looks, but this is far from the typical angst ridden love stories we seem swamped with these days.

Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, Before Midnight, Richard Linklater, the Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film Review

So much of this film just felt so real, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who felt so many scenes nailed our own life experience in somewhat similar situations. It’s a talky movie, so it’s all told from just the two main characters talking and experiencing their environment, so technically nothing happens, unless you count two people falling in love as something happening, which I think you can.

The movie ended on somewhat of a cliff-hanger, but one where they leave the mystery of what happened up to the viewer. Now, knowing there were two films to come made that cliff-hanger ending easier to interpret, but that didn’t lessen the joy of trying to decide for yourself what happened next.

What excited me most about this series though were both the films and how they were made, and the lives of the characters within them, as they are all told 9 years apart, with Before Sunrise filmed and set in 1995, Before Sunset filmed and set in 2004, and Before Midnight filmed and set in 2013. That alone is such a cool way of telling a story, let alone the filmmaking process of such a gap between each film, with now 18 years between the first and last film. So with that, I couldn’t wait to see the rest of them!

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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