Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon, The Flawed Guru, Xbox one, Game ReviewSo, you might be thinking Zoo Tycoon is a strange game for a grown ass dude to be reviewing for his first game review on this blog. Well, colour me strange I guess, as I actually like these types of games, or at last I used to. Be they the old school Theme Park, The Movies, Sim Tower, Transport Tycoon, or even the text based Drug Wars, I simply love managing shit, no matter what it is!

My true love when it comes to management games though are sports ones, with football at the top of the list, with games like LMA Manager and Football Manager, but that’s only because they’ve never made the all-round awesome cricket or car racing management game yet, which really would be at the top of any simulation strategy game for me. So to keep me blissfully happy in the mean time until they make that perfect sports management game, I play copious amounts of hours of Civilization to satisfy that simulation urge.

Zoo Tycoon, The Flawed Guru, Xbox one, Game ReviewBut I’m getting away from the fact this review is about Zoo Tycoon. You see, I got myself an Xbox One on launch day, well actually the day after to be precise, and I ordered a game online to go with it. A few days passed though and it still hadn’t turned up, and with it being a Friday evening and the weekend coming, I hit up the local video store to rent a game, which was going to be RYSE: Son Of Rome. But when I got there and saw Zoo Tycoon, I knew I had to grab both, as that geekey kid inside was craving another tycoon game.

The first thing that struck me about this game, and maybe it was the same with the older ones and I was just too young to know it, but it’s damn easy and rather kidish, which is absolutely fair enough seeing as it is a family game. But for a gamer like myself who likes a challenge, I knew pretty early on I wouldn’t be getting that with this game, and very quickly I found myself kicking its ass, which is what brought me to my second conclusion.

Zoo Tycoon, The Flawed Guru, Xbox one, Game ReviewYou see, I mastered this game pretty quickly, and I started to wonder what kind of replay value there is in it, as I was well on my way to creating a mega zoo with every single type of animal you could possibly get. That’s when the limits started getting put in place, from the numbers of animals, exhibits, and other such things. This of course inbuilt a ‘fake’ type of replay value, that I’m sure is cool for younger gamers, but once again for someone like myself, I didn’t like these limitations.

So once I hit that wall, I suddenly had no interest to keep going on, as I realised once I mastered this zoo, my next one would end up being exactly the same, except for a slightly different focus on different types of animals, which is fine, but not enough for me to keep on going. So yes this brought back some good memories of past games, but it also made me realise these types of games are in my past, and I should stick to Civilization and sports managers to scratch that simulation itch.

6.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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