500 Days Of Summer

500 Days Of Summer, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewOnce again, here is a review from the archives, with this one being from 2009. And it’s funny, as now that I’ve seen this film 4-5 times, I think so much more of it now than the first time I saw it, which says so much about why often first time reactions to films aren’t always exactly right. So I gave it 8.5 out of 10, 4 years ago, and though I’ll leave the rest of the review basically what I wrote back then, the rating will be something that I’ve changed, for the better.

500 Days of Summer had the tag line of, ‘being this year’s Juno’, which didn’t sit well with me. Personally, I think any time a film is advertised as being like something else, is almost like they think it’s not good enough on its own merits and needs to ride the back of another successful film. Well after seeing it I’m glad to report that I had nothing to worry about and would even say this film was much better than Juno!

With the poster tag line being, Boy Meets Girl, Boy Falls in Love With Girl, Girl Doesn’t, it instantly gives you the premise of what’s to come. Even in the first voice over, which only happens at the beginning and end of the movie, we are told that this is not a love story, though most of the film is told like one. So why is that important? Well maybe because it’s a more realistic look at modern day relationships rather than the usual Hollywood spin on them. Nothing is really ever black and white; life is full of grey, and this film paints the main couple’s relationship with a lot of mysterious grey areas.

500 Days Of Summer, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewAlso being a guy, we don’t tend to be drawn towards romance films, and I think that’s because those films tend to hyper realize everything, which women love, but men mock for being so untrue. You know, like how girls mock porn for being overly fake, and yet guys swear that’s how sex is meant to be. But with this film it really did feel like it was made for guys, as not only because it’s mainly from the main guy’s perspective, but because it seems to paint the situations, the insecurities, and the mixed wires that guys also feel in relationships.

The film itself though, I absolutely loved! I like romantic comedies but they have to be bloody good to grab me as well as this film did. It had a few little flaws that made it seem a little farfetched, but other than those, I found myself drawn into the story and fully relating to what they were going though. As I’m also at the beginning of a new relationship (haha, and so I was), it made me overly aware of what was happening on the screen and maybe that made me enjoy it more. Hard to tell. Either way I loved this film.

9.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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