RYSE: Son Of Rome

RYSE: Son Of Rome, The Flawed Guru, Xbox OneWhen the Xbox One was being advertised to hype its release, I kept hearing about the game, RYSE: Son Of Rome, as one of its more important exclusive launch titles. Being a fan of ancient history, and not minding the odd hack-and-slash button smasher, I thought it could be a cool game to check out if I did get my hands on a console on launch day, but I was thinking of holding off for a few months. Though that time ended up being sooner rather than later, as I did get it on day one, and so the decision on what game to get with it suddenly came to the fore.

I looked at the launch titles that are only available on the Xbox One, like RYSE: Son Of Rome, as well as the other titles that were released around the same time for both this and the last generation of consoles. And well, Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag won that battle, which really is an Xbox 360 game ported to the Xbox One, but even though it won I still wanted to give RYSE a bash. So last weekend, while I still waited on my copy of Black Flag to turn up from overseas, I rented out a couple of Xbox One games, with RYSE at the top of that list.

RYSE: Son Of Rome, The Flawed Guru, Xbox OneRight off the bat, and because this game was specifically designed for this new generation of consoles, the graphics stood out as a big step up from the last generation. Damn they looked good! Not only that, but everything about how the game was constructed, from the in game cut scenes, actual game play, and even the menu systems and loading screens, all felt really immersive, and in a very basic way, made me feel better about actually upgrading to the next generation instead of sticking with my old consoles for a bit longer.

The action was pretty sweet, and very brutal, and of course became more so as you unlocked many more various ways to dispatch people, be it with your shield, sword, or even the old curb stomp. The various abilities were also handy, though I didn’t even really start making use of them until over half way through the game, which I think comes down to the fact they never fully explained how and why they were there. Or maybe I was just looking to clock it as quickly as possible and those bits just escaped me.

RYSE: Son Of Rome, The Flawed Guru, Xbox OneThe story and the voice acting were both really good, but when it came to the story I couldn’t help but feel it was just a stock standard one and the glitz and glamour of the look of the game made me think it was better than it was. I mean, looking back on it, it’s not like I’m going to remember this story for years to come, and because I didn’t play the multiplayer, one does wonder if that’s the main focus of this game and that’s why the story wasn’t as ‘cool’ as it could have been.

But, I did enjoy this game, and clocked it in the 3 days I had it, though I didn’t even scratch the surface of the multiplayer, so I won’t either mention or rate it with that in mind, and will purely look at it as a single player adventure. Of which, was really good, though will quickly disappear from my memory I’m sure.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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