One Chance

Once Chance, Paul Potts, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewI remember back to that day in 2007 when my mum sent me a YouTube link to this show called Britain’s Got Talent, where over the space of 4 minutes, I was blown away by an awesome performance but an unassuming man. Till this day it’s still the best of the talent show stories I’ve ever seen, even beating old Susan Boyle from the same show two years later. So when I saw the trailer for One Chance only a couple weeks back, I realised it was the life story of Paul Potts, the man from that 2007 YouTube video, and I knew I had to check it out.

Though like with most biopic films, they run a fine line, as often the ‘interesting’ part of the story might only be a small thing when you look at it in the context of a whole life story, and bringing in other life moments to fill the gaps can often feel forced or just generally uninteresting. So I kind of went into this not minding if the other bits weren’t as good as the ending, as I knew that was going to be enough to more than likely make it a good movie in my eyes, but I still had those doubts nonetheless.

Right off the bat it felt a little clunky I must say, from the dialogue, to the storytelling, and because of that, some of the acting was a bit off also. Add into that some pretty straightforward uninteresting directing, and what I should have had was a very average film on my hands. But, because I knew this was based on a pretty cool story and that it was building up to the big end, I kind of let most of those things slide. Be that a good or bad thing is still up for argument.

Once Chance, Paul Potts, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewWhen it hit that end moment though, it was as clunky as the rest of the film, but yet it still brought a smile, a tear, and a whole lot of shivers to the spine, as it really was an amazing performance during that audition for Brittan’s Got Talent, and even though it was an actor playing the part, but Potts’s vocals, it still resonated. In fact, I went home and watched the original video again, and it once again brought shivers, smiles, and tears.

So yes, I feel this film is a decent movie, though if it wasn’t based on a true story, or if I didn’t know about that true story already, I could easily say this film was pretty damn average. But, that is not the case, which means I’ll happily recommend people to see this film, but only if they know about Paul Potts, or at least have checked out the YouTube video beforehand.

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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