Bruno, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewAnd yes, once again, another review from the archives, as to be honest these last few weeks of work have been very mentally draining, so being creative with new reviews has been a struggle I must say. But fuck it, that’s why I have my own blog right? Where I can write about what I want, and when I want. So, to save my brain a little bit of work tonight, here’s a review from 2009 for the film Bruno.

With Borat causing such a stir back in 2006, the world waited with baited breath for what Bruno would bring us. Bruno is the third alter ego of Sacha Baron Cohen who first came to fame with his character Ali G, a white guy trying to be a black rapper, in the Ali G Show. In that show he also introduced the world to Borat, a sexist, homophobic and anti-Semitic Kazakhstan journalist, and Bruno a flamboyant gay Austrian fashion journalist.

With the success of that show in Europe, Sacha Baron Cohen was given his first movie, Ali G Indahouse, which brought him more fame, and to the attention of an American audience. The film Borat, however, took Baron Cohen to a whole new level, as the mockumentary went on to gross US$260 million worldwide and made Borat, and Baron Cohen, household names. So there was a lot of pressure for Bruno to rise to the great heights of its predecessor.

Bruno, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewThe film follows Bruno as he tries to go from hosting a small fashion show to breaking into the world of super stardom. His plans, however, quickly unravel around him when he makes a spectacle of himself on the runway of a top fashion show, which gets him fired from his job and blacklisted from any more fashion events. This leads him on a long journey all around the world where he strives to find the fame he so desperately seeks.

Borat was always going to be the benchmark for the success both critically and commercially for Bruno, and as I loved Borat, it was going to be a hard fight, and so just hoped for a decent film from this follow up. On that note, Bruno more lived up to my expectations, though didn’t exceed them either.

It was a solid movie throughout and I laughed just as hard as I did during Borat, and though not as controversial, Bruno still had its fair share of cringe worthy moments that made you think, “how did he not get beaten up for doing that?!”. All up I’ll give the movie only half a mark behind what I gave Borat.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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