Frozen, Disney, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewIn many ways Disney have had their day when it comes to animated films, especially with their musicals that now seem a little outdated. Though they did have many great hits over the years, but of course have been severally lacking in quality and box office hits during the late 90’s to mid 00’s. But with Pixar, their kid brother so to speak, hitting every film they make out of the park for both critics and audiences, has made Disney have to step up their game.

By step up their game, I mean focusing on CG animation instead of old-school hand drawn cell animation, dropping the songs, and focusing more on stories that the whole family will love, and not just the kids that ‘technically’ these films are made for. That’s why over the past 8 years or so, Disney have been making mostly CG films, and none of them musicals, with the exception of a couple old-school hand drawn animated films they’ve also made around the same time, but both of those were more focused at a different and younger audience hence the animation style and the musical elements.

During these past 8 years though, they’ve had somewhat of a resurgence with both the quality and reception to their films, and once again I put this down to lessons learned from Pixar, as well as Pixar being fully bought by Disney and having them more integrated into the Disney team as well. With this resurgence, I always wondered if, or more likely when, they would turn their CG animated team to working on their first musical. Well, when I sat down to watch Frozen, their latest film to hit cinemas, that question was answered.

Frozen, Disney, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film Review

Frozen is a very typical Disney animated musical, meaning it borders the cheesy line every time the singing kicks in, but just like with its other musical buddies, this was awesome! I don’t think it’s fair comparing films like The Lion King to these CG animated ones Disney are now making, so I can really only compare this to the awesome and more recent Tangled, and I can say this was as good as that, if not a little better, though once again it’s hard to compare, as Tangled wasn’t a musical.

I loved the story and its stereotypical unfolding however, and I also loved how it didn’t need the typical ending where the guy saves the day, as often it seems more realistic and heartfelt when the female characters can save themselves, and I guess we can thank the Pixar effect on that one once again. There was the one twist about the bad guy that I didn’t completely buy into, but other than that this is a film the whole family can enjoy, and there’s enough decent humour to keep the adults happy as well.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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