No Fear, No Ego, All Gut – Part 1

Trust Your Gut, The Flawed Guru, Blog With 2014 upon me, the old New Year’s resolutions start coming to mind, and as ever, I can’t help but think most people who choose to come up with a few every year around this time, really do dive into them with the best of intentions, but end up giving up soon after.

That’s why 5 years ago, on New Year’s eve 08/09, when I was going through the early stages of a breakup, I made one resolution and one only, and that was to really follow through with these end of year life challenges, but also the other ones I set myself to undertake during the year, as they needed to be seen as a lifestyle choice, and not just a short term fix for an issue, problem, or whatever reason that made me think a resolution was in order.

In doing this, it’s helped me get into the best shape of my life, the most centred and relaxed I’ve ever been, most outspoken (to many people’s annoyance), most ‘successful’ stage of my working career, my writing work finally got into gear after a lifetime of signs I should have done it earlier, embraced my OCD and started using it to my advantage, and kicked my dyslexia to the curb where I keep it nicely in check.

Interestingly it’s also what’s kept me single these past 5 years as well, as I needed to prove to myself that partners aren’t for just having around as that comfort blanket, but they are for taking life to the next level, for both parties involved. This is also why I believe that you need to be solid rock of a human being before you find a partner, who in turn needs to be a solid individual themselves.

Trust Your Gut, The Flawed Guru, Blog

The whole idea of two half’s making a whole when couples join, just says to me they were both broken in the first place, and they are now hoping the other person will fix them. But in my eyes, two people who are already well rounded happy single people, that then come together, is the only way a true long lasting healthy relationship can work.

And so, as I move into the 6th year of this resolution focus, and of the single life, of what is meant to be the ‘best’ years of my life, I’ve worked out my next 4 challenges I’m wanting to add into my life to help increase the joy I experience during my existence on this wonderful planet of ours.

The first is to learn how to sing, the second is to increase my writing output and improve my blog, the third is to reignite my passion and research into lucid dreaming and inter-dimensional meditation, and the fourth and most important, is the focus of this article, and that is to live my life and make all decisions with no fear, no ego, and based 100% off my gut instincts.

Over and over again in life, I’ve learned to follow my gut instincts, and time and time again they are always spot on. But, I’ve still fought them on many occasions, to my detriment, and even in the days and weeks leading up to the end of 2013, this was once again proven to me. That’s why, from 2014 on-wards, or at least on a trial basis to see how it goes, I’m going to trust my gut 100%, and on everything, as long as it comes from a place of no fear or ego.

Trust Your Gut, The Flawed Guru, Blog

Why only on a trial basis I hear you say? Well, let me say why that is. If you’ve ever seen the Jim Carrey movie Yes Man, or read the book it’s based off by the same name, then I kind of see this as something similar. Because saying yes to everything could of course lead to great things, but also possibly bad things.

Trusting and following my gut 100% could end up doing the exact same thing. So as long as I stick to the idea that I follow it as long as it’s not polluted by ego or fear, then I’m happy to go along with it and see how things turn out. But, if shit hits the fan and I honestly can’t figure out why other than me following my gut, then I might pull it back, and I guess that’ll be one of the interesting things to see what happens with this challenge.

So, be it about relationships, friendships, people I meet, things at work, life decisions, or anything in which my gut speaks up to let me know what it thinks of the current situation, I’ll follow it to a tee. There will likely be some unhappy people, awkward situations for myself and others, but I’m also hoping it will lead me on a wonderful path of discovery, without fear, ego, and other such negative elements I hope to eliminate from my life by doing this.

And so, 2014 will be The Year Of The Gut, The Year Of The Voice, The Year Of The Inner Mind, and The Year Of The Written Word, and the reason why I see this as Part 1 is because I hope to make updates about how everything is going, with a main focus on the living of life based purely around that natural gut instinct we all have, but few are brave enough to follow, and I hope anything I learn along this journey helps inspire people to do the same.

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