Dreams – Week 1

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryAs part of my New Year’s resolutions, I had the desire to get back into my interest of all things dreams and meditation related. When I was a kid, and during my teenage years and my early 20’s, I was really into learning about and practicing lucid dreaming and meditation, and I’m sure I must have look like an odd kid seeing the types of books I used to check out at the main public library.

During this self tutelage, I had some rather cool mediation experiences, with two in particular of highlight, one being when I found my spirit guide, and the other when my meditative ‘happy place’ was created in front of my eyes. I can still remember both as if they happened today, even though it was more like 10-15 years ago now.

When I was at my peak of interest during these times, and also during other times during the most of my life to be honest, I’ve had what I like to call my super power moments, where I’m able to naturally tap into strange forces that allow me to see the future, or at the very least anticipate what decision to make next, which always brings about ‘interesting’ results.

Because of this past experience, and a new found interest in personal growth these past few years, I was excited to delve back into this world during 2014, and one of the first things I needed to do to get those muscles back into shape was to keep a daily dream diary of the ones I remembered. You see, you can’t write down something you can’t remember, and you normally have 2-4 separate dreams a night anyway, so it’s best to only write down the ones you remember vividly, even if they are only bits of the dream.

Once this has been done for a while and your subconscious becomes more aware of what you’re trying to do, that’s when you can start tapping into the lucid dreams, and also the waking subconscious, which is where you can start experiencing strange and interesting things that open your eyes to the mysteries of life.

So on this blog; I’m going to keep up with my dream dairy with small snippets of them, plus a few possible explanations of what they could mean. All of this helps me grow this side of me, and will thus lead into bigger and better things, and if I can entertain others, or maybe help guide them in their own spiritual journey and growth at the same time, even better.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiarySunday, 5th Jan, 2014

My brother was on stage singing, though the audience was made up of people on some sort of camp that we were on. I was in the front row wrapped up in a blanket, and eventually I tried to fall asleep, but I was conscious of the fact people around me might think it was rude to do so.

Explanation – I’m currently teaching myself to sing, which my brother has been doing for some years now, so I can only assume this is connected to this, though the other elements are less clear.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiarySunday, 5th Jan, 2014

I was in my bed hanging out with the actor, who plays Tyrion Lanaster, and he was in full costume, but he wasn’t acting, and was just being himself. He was on the end of the bed, and a woman who seemed to be his wife was next to me under the covers, but nothing sexual was going on. We were just talking about things, but then Tyrion seemed to be thinking about something negative, which his wife told him off about. Seems like even when he’s happy he needs to think of something negative. I wasn’t sure what to say and I didn’t want to bring up Game Of Thrones in case I looked like a typical fan.

Explanation – That I like game Of Thrones?

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryTuesday, 7th Jan, 2014

I was going to skinny dip in a nasty looking lake, but when I got there, two others were thinking the same, but they both thought the better of it. This didn’t put me off, and as I started to head in, I also started chewing some food that I then threw into the lake, which was to distract any possible fish from bothering me.

Explanation – Fuck knows!

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryTuesday, 7th Jan, 2014

I was driving along a country road, and I saw a vehicle parked on the side of the road that read Finn Films, which I took for that Liam Finn, the son of Neal Finn, was filming nearby. As I kept driving, I saw an old couple in a field near a rusty car, and they were being interviewed by Liam, who was also operating the camera.

Explanation – I recently watched the special features of The Hobbit, and both Neil and Liam appear in it as they worked on the song that played during the credits, and I can only assume this as the connection.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryWednesday, 8th Jan, 2014

I was at my family home with my mate Barry, when Steve Davis, a friend of my brothers, turned up for a visit. We sat around the dining room table and talked about supplements, as that was now Steve’s job. He was upset about a competitor of his. When he went to leave, he realized he had dog shit on his shoe, and had left stains near the front door and Barry tired to help him clean it up.

Explanation – Umm, I’m not even going to try with this one.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryThursday, 9th Jan, 2014

I was going to a meeting at someone’s house, with my brother and the big guy from The Hounds and Down Low Concept. One of the people we were going to be meeting was a friend of my brothers, which gave me an awkward feeling. As we walked up to the 3rd floor of the place, it suddenly became a bit of a race between the three of us to get there first, and somehow the strain of it caused me to poo myself.

I stopped on the first floor to find a toilet or shower, which I found in the first bedroom I looked at, which seemed like the person was moving out of, and I had the feeling it was Millen’s bedroom, another friend of my brother. I locked the door, and went to the shower at the end of the room, which was already running and it was hot. As I was undressing, I heard someone outside the door with a vacuum cleaner going and they tried to get into the room but couldn’t as it was locked.

Explanation – Another dream about my brother and his friends, so I’m seeing this as a connection around me learning to sing, as I’m following all the courses he took when he first started, and the friends connection I’m putting down to the fact we have recently put our second feature film on ice. Many of his friends had a connection to that film, and I think that’s playing into my dreams somehow, and the shitting myself I can see as an anxiety issue around it, even though my conscious brain is far from anxious about it.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiarySaturday, 11th Jan, 2014

In waking life, I knew I had a gym class at 10.15am on Saturday morning, and because it was a Saturday I never set an alarm, so if I sleep through the class, then so be it. But because of this I often wake up early as my brain knows I need to get up.

In my dream, I was looking at a list of items, and then I looked at a clock, and it said 9.45am. At that moment I knew that meant I had class in 30 minutes, so I instantly had a level of rush hit my brain as I tried to figure out if I could still make the class.

In those spilt seconds as I was trying to decide, someone poked me in the side, which in real life I hate. In my dream I flinched in a big way, and in real life my whole body jerked causing my bad hip to kick out. This caused so much pain that it woke me up instantly in quiet agony. I looked at the time and it was just after 4am.

Explanation – This is a pretty straight forward anxiety dream about not wanting to miss my gym class the next day. Because of this, and the amount of pain it caused me, both then and during the rest of the next day, I’m actually going to set an alarm on Saturday now to set my mind at ease.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiarySunday, 12th Jan, 2014

I was Robert De Niro, and I was reliving a scene from one of his gangster films with Martin Scorsese. There was a Voice Over as if he was doing a commentary or an interview, and I was replaying this scene.

I had to walk into a secrete room where 9 guys were around a small table with 10 seats, and it was in a small room. But every time I did the scene they would change places so that the seat I needed to take would be different and it kept putting me off the scene, but they all found it funny.

Explanation – I recently voted Martin Scorsese’s latest film The Wolf Of Wall Street as my number 2 best film of 2013. That might be it?

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