Philomena, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewDo you ever get that feeling with films that just the pairing of actors and actresses is enough to entice you to see that film, regardless of what it might be about? Well, that’s exactly what I had with Philomena, which had a great trailer, but it was the fact Judi Dench and Steve Coogan were the leads that got me really interested.

The subject matter itself did also look interesting, and it helps when you start hearing really good things about the film, as that always makes the decision to head along and see it that little bit easier. But like I said before, it was mainly the actors involved, as both I rate very highly, and so when my weekly cheap night Tuesday trip to the cinema came along, I was more than happy to lay down my $10 to see this film.

While watching Philomena, I couldn’t help but have the immortal words of Iron Maiden in my head, ‘The evil that men do lives on and on’. Sadly, when it comes to religion, this also means women are also capable of such evil, all in the name of faith in a ‘benevolent’ power.

Philomena, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewI’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, and that’s I’d like to think of myself as a pretty cool, calm, and collected soul, but something about watching movies, or hearing stories, where religion is used to commit horrendous acts, just riles up so much anger in me, and this film is a perfect example of that.

On the acting front though, Judi Dench is simply fantastic, and delivers an Oscar worthy performance, and my heart broke every time she cried on screen. And as for Steve Coogan, well, what can I say, he was as awesome as ever, and there aren’t many who can do serious/funny like he does.

I really loved this film, and for something that was technically a pretty straight forward story, it had many a twist and turn, as well as the small emotional roller coaster ups and downs, which makes it one that will stay with you for a while. But be prepared to come out of it with both hope and hate in your heart, for evil really does live on and on. Or as Coogan so awesomely put it, “if Jesus was here right now, he’d flip you out of that fucking wheel chair”.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

2 thoughts on “Philomena

  1. Good review. While I wasn’t so hot on this movie, I can still see that the discussion it brings up is an important one, and should be heard loud and clear for everybody to take notice of. Especially since it seems like some Catholic churches are still doing this.

    • Yeah such films can split audiences due to the content, but like you said even if it may not be for everyone, at least it should be seen as important for bringing such things to light.

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