Dreams – Week 2

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryIt’s been a funny old week when it comes to my dreams, as I don’t think I’ve been as focused on it as I want to be. Often one of the keys to lucid dreaming and training yourself, is to remind yourself mentally every night to remember your dreams, which I have often forgot to do this past week. And well, the number of remembered dreams I guess shows this.

I also had a friend offer up a very interesting interpretation of one of my dreams from last week, which I added to with a bit more thought, and as ever it’s a rather interesting insight.

‘I was going to skinny dip in a nasty looking lake, but when I got there, two others were thinking the same, but they both thought the better of it. This didn’t put me off, and as I started to head in, I also started chewing some food that I then threw into the lake, which was to distract any possible fish from bothering me.’

The nasty looking lake was actually the murky depths of the subconscious, and that explains the skinny dipping aspect, as it’s a place purely for the soul and mind, and no material objects can enter. The reason why it looked murky and dark, and scared off the other two, is because often people are afraid of their inner minds, and that’s maybe why not many people choose to look deeper into that part of them.

I of course have delved into that space before, and am currently doing it again, and so wasn’t put off by this adventure. The chewing of the food to scare away fish who might bother me was actually a rather clear sign that I realize that the space can still be dangerous and that you need to protect yourself when delving into such things, which ironically came into play with my dream the very next night after posting my first dream diary.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryMonday, 13th Jan, 2014

I was in an unfamiliar bathroom ready to take a shower, when I suddenly felt the presence and saw the outline of a dark male entity. This caused me to wake up where I still felt the presence but also could now see a face when my eyes were closed. It took a few seconds for me to control my brain and to tell it it’s just a dream. I then quickly fell back asleep.

Explanation – This of course can be seen many different ways, but once again the nudity says to me it’s about the deeper part of the subconscious where your soul and spirit are laid bare, and when it this stage, darker entities can turn up. Even in my dream state though I knew to protect myself, and my safety measures kicked in and woke me up, and even though it followed me into my conscious mind, I was once again able to easily deal with it.

So that interpretation of the dream from last week, and this dream itself, are signs to me that I’m heading in the right direction, and I’ve got enough safety nets in place to steady the ship, at least for now.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryTuesday, 14th Jan, 2014

A group of people and me were being hunted by the Alien on a ship/street, but it suddenly turned friendly and acted more like a pet dog.

Explanation – This might come from having watched a video a few weeks ago, when a bug in a computer game about the Alien, showed it hopping around on its tippy toes. If that’s not it, then I have no idea what this could mean.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryWednesday, 15th Jan, 2014

I was sitting on the road near the beginning of a car park with photos all around me. A girl I barely knew from High School was there and I was explaining to her how I’m currently digitizing my photos. A car came into the car park which made me move onto the curb, which made the girl change into another girl I hardly knew from Intermediate, and we just kept talking.

Explanation – Well, pretty straightforward, as I ‘am’ currently digitizing my photos, and I guess these people from my past who I didn’t know, represent all these people in these old photos who I didn’t and don’t know even know now.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryWednesday, 15th Jan, 2014

I was with my mum, sister, and grandma, and we were walking into a concert hall with other people. I was leading the way to find our seats, which were built into the ground, meaning we were able to walk over the whole area until we found our seats, at which point our specific seats would rise out of the ground for us.

Explanation – I’m not really sure what this means, but one thing I know is that I dream of halls, theatre’s, cinemas, and other large meeting areas a lot, and the fact my sister, mum, and grandma were there might mean part of my feminine side was trying to make itself known.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryThursday, 16th Jan, 2014

I was playing the game of dreams, in which you have a certain amount of points relating to different stages of sleep, and you have to use them wisely to win the dream. Felt like a board game mixed with Clash Of Clans.

Explanation – Well, another pretty easy one, as my subconscious is clearly trying to figure out ways for me to better take control of that aspect of my life, and the Clash Of Clans feel comes from the fact I play that game on my phone every day.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryFriday, 17th Jan, 2014

I was in a room with people dressed in a sort of costume. I knew I was late for something but intentionally stayed there talking to them. But just as I thought I pushed things as late as I could, I turned and ran out a door.

The door lead into a large old school pub filled with people, and there were a few official looking people angry as I was late, but I just kept running through the place towards the back of the room.

That’s when I knew what I was there for, to be the judge in a competition, but I was also dressed over the top, and that’s when I knew I was also going to be a part of what was about to happen, as it felt like it was going to be like scripted wrestling.

As it all kicked off, the room suddenly filled with dozens of women dressed in red bikinis, and they started to swarm around me and the other competitors. I was playing my part as the player and judge, which made me a bad guy, which caused me to be swept up by the women, and started to be flung around the room in a sort of pre planned routine.

Explanation – Easy!? I like women dressed in red bikinis…?

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