Awesome Life Moments – #1

Jason Statham, The Flawed Guru, Awesome Life MomentsA few weeks back, I had just finished work, which I do at 4.30pm every day, and was driving home enjoying the late afternoon of a beautiful summer day. I had my window down, arm out tapping on the roof to the beat of the stereo that was blasting Alice In Chains, I had a freshly shaved head, and my bogan sun glasses on, and a certain air of confidence you get on summer days when all is right with the world, especially after having just finished work.

As I drove into the fringes of the city, as my office is in the countryside, I came upon a roundabout with traffic building up, and a decent amount of traffic coming in from the right, meaning my line of cars had to slow up and eventually stop to let them through first. As I got to the front of the line, I had to stop, as there were still cars coming around the roundabout from my right, though I didn’t need to turn my head to know this, as my peripheral vision was easily enough to judge it.

That was when my peripheral vision also picked up something else, which was a car in the line next to me pulling up to take its place at the front of its line, as I was on a two lane stretch of road. I could see clearly out of the corner of my eye that whoever was in that car’s passenger seat was looking at me through their open window. Because I needed to turn my head anyway to get a better look of what other cars were coming and if I could go, I decided to turn my head cool as a cucumber to the right to have a look.

As I slowly turned my head, to look for traffic, I instead kept turning it a little bit further to look the person directly in the eyes that was next to me. And too my surprise, it was an awkward looking young teen girl with clearly her mum driving. The expression on her face was priceless, as I can only think it was one of fear mixed with shock. I guess I looked more badass than I realised. With the traffic now clearing, I had a split second decision to make. Turn back and drive off leaving the girl with that dumbfounded expression, or try and turn that frown upside down.

So I kept looking her dead in the eye through my sun glasses, carved a little non teethy smile, and did the classic kiwi head nod with eyebrow raise, which instantly produced a massive awkward brace covered teethy smile back at me, and without looking back to the road, I took off still looking dead at her, before slowly turning back to the road and driving off.

Now, I either just made that girls day, or at the very least I brightened a little moment of it by sharing a smile, but whatever it may have been, it made me feel both like a badass and a good guy all in one. It is little moments like that that are always nice to cherish as they are what make life awesome.

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