Dreams – Week 3

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryWell, with 3 weeks now under my belt with my new dream diary, and my second dive into the world of the subconscious, after nearly a decade away from it, I must say things are progressing nicely. One sign of this is the amount of recall from this week’s dreams, which I’m both remembering more of, and remembering the blurred edges that often happen as one dream merges into another. So I’m on the right track.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryMonday, 20th Jan, 2014

I was in a large open area with lots of other people, and it was possibly ancient ruins. People were all off doing their own thing but we were all called together for a meeting, and that’s when I realized this was my job. The only person I recognized was my boss and he asked me to reach out to a company who had inquired about getting their product into our service.

Explanation – Well, the simplest answer would be the fact I love ancient history, and work is on my brain a decent amount right now. Though I’m sure a deeper metaphor can be found to find the connection between those two things.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryMonday, 20th Jan, 2014

I was a professional Clash Of Clans player, and I was doing demonstrations for TV audiences and reporters. Somehow though I did a match with a female reporter which ended up being a perfect attack and that somehow made me fall in love with the reporter. I kept replaying the match to learn from it but it just made me fall in love even more.

Explanation – Another Clash Of Clans dreams. *sigh* Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but I’m not sure I really want to be dreaming about it. But maybe my subconscious wants me to find a girl who also loves the game?

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryTuesday, 21st Jan, 2014

I was watching a film starring Hugh Jackman, and as it played out it turned out to be a horror as he was a serial killer werewolf. But as he killed more people in this house, I suddenly became a part of the film as I tried to avoid being the next victim.

As he left the house, I took it as a chance to get away, and that’s when I think the dream changed, but kept the werewolf theme. But now instead of it being Hugh Jackman, it was someone else, and possibly the lead actor from The Celebration, this Danish film I had seen recently. Not only that, I now had the werewolf powers and I was connected to this guy in a deeper way.

I was still trying to avoid him, though I knew it was only a short term fix, and eventually when I was in town I came across him and his men, as it turns out he was the head of a criminal gang, and I was his brother, and they had come to get me so we could take care of business.

We were then at my family home as we waited for a meeting to take place with another mobster group. I was going along with it as I hoped if I helped tidy up family business then maybe everything would settle down.

I was asked to go grab the item these other mobsters wanted, and it was in one of the bedrooms that both my brother and sister had used over the years. The item was a small glass jar filled with rubber type goo. I took it out to the meeting in the hall, and proceeded to take the goo out as the item they wanted was at the bottom, but it wasn’t there. That’s when I and these other mobsters realized this was a set up.

As fighting broke out, I went into my old bedroom, where the main mobster followed me in, and that’s when for the first time I changed into a werewolf and ripped him a part. I then joined the others, who had taken care of the others, and we left.

I was now a passenger in a car being driven by the main werewolf character, and I still had in my head my life was in danger, so I had to play my cards right. Also it felt like I was no longer brothers with him but just someone who he had imparted the werewolf ability.

As we drove down a motorway in Auckland and took an off ramp, strange things were happening in the sky and he told me it was a distraction for the real thing, which was a mini tornado high in the sky that lasted a couple seconds before an item flew out of it and down to our car, and that’s when the dream took an alien turn, and this guy was now clearly an alien werewolf.

The dream must have changed again, though elements stayed on, as now we were in a flash house in the Hollywood hills with an awesome view. There were lots of people in the house, including the werewolf and also a dog. I can’t remember everything that happened, but I remember feeling something dangerous could happen at any moment and I would need to change and defend these people.

After a while though it all changed and it was suddenly just my family around a park bench eating dinner, though it was still set within this Hollywood house. My brother was on my left, and I sensed he was now this werewolf character, and he had a lot of nervous energy about him, and I was worried he was going to turn at any second. My sister was on my right, and my patents were on the other side. The conversation continued until my brother reached around my back for my sister, which I took for an aggressive action, and I burst into werewolf form.

At that moment I got a text from a workmate which woke me up and out of the dream.

Explanation – Haha!!! Umm, well, I love aliens and werewolf’s, and the movie theme at the beginning, plus the aspects of my old family home, and Auckland, plus Hollywood thrown in for good measure, all says to me this was about things I love, or at least have positive leanings towards. And I’ve got to say, I really enjoyed this dream, and turning into the werewolf that first time felt very powerful and cool.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryWednesday, 22nd Jan, 2014

I was an agent or some sort of operative, and I needed to do missions in order to get more resources and to level up. I also had a female agent with me who was very new to the whole thing.

We needed to infiltrate a small town, or a suburb of a bigger town, but we needed supplies first. We had already got most of what we needed, but I sent the new agent into a store to get the last item, but she was taking her time and it was making us late for where we needed to be.

I poked my head into the store she went into to steal the item, and I saw her robbing the place using her gun. She came out all happy that she had got us heaps of supplies, but I was angry as she didn’t follow orders, and now we were late, and the robbery will now bring unwanted attention on us. As we moved forward trying to carry all the supplies she had stolen, I was telling her off.

Once we got to a wooded area I was so angry that I left her behind to bring most of the supplies down a flight of steps so that I could move forward with one load and get to our meeting point to start the mission.

As I moved into the small town/suburb, I got lost and over shot the place we needed to dump the supplies, and that’s when I saw a strange digitized white Yeti walking along a hill. I thought it was odd and it made me realize I was playing a game.

As I tried to find the right place again, a cut scene happened where I saw a massive rocket firing up into the air, and that’s when I knew I was eventually going to have to infiltrate the rocket facility and get onboard and head to space. That’s when a HUD came up and I saw myself and a few other slots for agents, and I needed to level them up so that they could come with me on the mission.

Explanation – Cool dream, but it’s very similar to a game I had started playing that week, so I’m guessing it’s pretty straight forward, though the Yeti was odd.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryWednesday, 22nd Jan, 2014

I was on top of a massive tree, as in Avatar size, and I was with friends and lots of other people. We then jumped off to try and fly down to another level, but as we did we ended up actually holding vines so we were more swinging down the tree.

We were falling fast and I didn’t know how to slow down, but just then our vines started to wrap around tree branches, which caused us to swing around them, and after doing that twice, we gently and perfectly landed on the ground.

We were all happy and excited to land, and as we moved forward I realized it was my mate Barry and Jason, but I’m not sure who the 3rd friend was. I then said, ‘wow, it took us 8 seconds to come down…just like last night’, to which we all laughed as we walked off to the next location.

Explanation – Well, I got one of my favourite Dad jokes in there with ‘just like last night’, which is second only to ‘that’s what she said’. But as for everything else, it once again was a coo dream, but I think it was a pretty straight forward having fun with friends dream, and where better to have fun than on the Avatar home world.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryThursday, 23rd Jan, 2014

I was in a hall with a large group of people, and we seemed to be studying. One thing seemed to be musical numbers for a show, and the other was the Indian cricket players.

After finishing what we were doing, the teacher was going to let us out so we could go home. As we lined up at the doors waiting, the teacher said there would be one more song playing as we left for us to practice.

As the doors opened and we all moved out, the song ended up being YMCA.

Explanation – Easy, kind of. That day I went to the cricket to see new Zealand vs India, which explains part of it, and I’m guessing the musical numbers was about me currently learning to sing, but the YMCA thing has got me stumped…I hope.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryThursday, 23rd Jan, 2014

I was in a backpackers in one of the bedrooms with two school friends, Blair and Ben. We were discussing where to stay on the next leg of our journey which was going to be on a mountain range.

Explanation – Another dream about friends, which seem to be spreading them evenly, from old school fiends, to current ones, and this one could be around the fact some school friends have been talking about a yearly trip away for all of us and our families, as some of them now have kids.

The Flawed Guru, Dream DiaryFriday, 24th Jan, 2014

I was at a show of Wicked being performed by a Hamilton troop, and I felt rather underwhelmed by the whole thing. Once it was over, the crowd moved to the back of the theatre where the performers were going to do a Q&A, and an extra performance. I ended up listening to Shane Rangi, who is a New Zealand stunt performer. After a while though, I decided to leave with my friends.

Once outside we walked down the street and my two friends went into a door of a restaurant and I followed. When in there, you had to almost rock climb a small wall to actually get up into the place. When I got up there, it wasn’t just a restaurant, but an arcade as well.

I couldn’t see my friends, so I started to walk around looking for them, and that’s when the room suddenly became massive, and tennis courts and large areas of open grass started to appear. It was then I saw my friends down the very end starting to play a game.

As I walked down to them, and crossed over one of the large areas of grass, the whole place got bigger again, and suddenly I was in a roped off area where I was setting up a shotgun aimed at a target a few hundred meters away, and I was also now a woman. Clearly this had seamlessly transferred into a new dream.

I had a helper as I set up my rig, and I was both putting on a demonstration and trying to break a world record. I set myself up on the ground with the gun aimed at the target, while others out up ropes so that the crowd could no longer get by. More and more people built up to watch me shoot.

I took my time and just relaxed as I aimed, and when I was ready I started firing, as the gun was a fully automatic firing dozens of rounds in a very short time. Once empty, we got word every shot missed. That’s when myself and my helper started to take apart a tool box, and found magnets in there that were pulling just enough at the bullets to cause a slight deviation once fired, causing them to miss. When it was taken out I went back to setup to try again.

Explanation – Another dream that merged into one another, and once again friends were a part of it, which isn’t much of a surprise. I’m maybe a little too tired right now to think what this dream meant, but what it has done is made me look forward to heading to bed right now to sleep, as I had a good week of dreams!

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