Short, Bald, and Average Looking

Short, Bald, And Average Looking, The Flawed GuruI’m sure everyone in the western world has heard, be you male or female, that there is an ‘ideal’ man that most women look for, and that is tall, dark, and handsome. Tall and handsome are of course pretty self explanatory, but dark is a little more open to interpretation, though in my eyes it’s always been dark hair and dark eyes, rather than the colour of one’s skin.

So as a single 30 something male who is the opposite of all those things, you can’t help but think a little deeper into what that means for you, when you’re short, bald, and average looking. Does this mean that I’m the opposite of what most women look for, and is there any hope for me? Well, that’s what I’m going to delve into with this blog.

Now, please, this is not a boohoo poor me look at this subject, as I’m actually a rather content soul, with both body and mind, but that doesn’t mean I’m not curious. I’m also confident enough in my own balanced and in check ego to say that I more often than not punch above my weight when it comes to the ladies, so stop right there with any more thoughts about the self deprecating or self pitying notions you think I hold.

And so, on that note, let’s get the ball rolling with number one on that check list, tall. At 5 foot 7 inches, or if I was being honest 1cm under that height, so 169cm, makes me far from tall, and in fact I’m below average height for males in New Zealand, which sits at 177cm, and 165cm for women. From my own experiences, and observations, girls prefer to go for men taller than themselves, and if they are really short they are more likely to go for a really tall guy as well. So I’m going to make a whole heap of assumptions from this point onwards.

If 165cm is the 50% mark for the average height of women, then we could say the high point is 200cm, and the low point 130cm. At my height of 169cm, that means 44.28% of women are taller than me, and for arguments sake, let’s say 10% of those women are confident, or brave enough, to go out with a guy shorter than themselves. So in that bracket that means 4.43% of total women would. That’s a start.

Short, Bald, And Average Looking, The Flawed GuruThis leaves the other 55.72% of women who are shorter than me, and let’s say, for fun, that most women still want someone decently tall anyway, and the really short girls tend to go for really tall guys, means my height might only attract 50% of that pool. Which is 27.86% of women, and taking into consideration the taller girls, that’s a grand total based on height of 32.29%, which doesn’t sound so bad when you look at it like that, but let’s delve deeper.

The next on the list is dark, which as stated, I’m taking as dark hair and eyes, though really I’m not caring about the eyes with this. So that means of men who are blonde, redhead, or dark haired, be it black or brunette, clearly the latter has the advantage. But if you’re bald, you’ve kind of dropped the ball in many respects, and it leaves you in limbo.

So if we say 5% of all women actually prefer a bald man, and another 20% don’t mind it, then 25% is looking reasonably healthy for the bald men out there like myself, who though once sat in a colour category, now don’t see the point in doing so when so little of that colour is left actually on the head, and what you do have might be going grey. So, we’ve looked at height at 32.29%, and hair at 25%, and now it’s time to look at the handsome on the preferred list.

If you do happen to rank yourself as average looking, I guess that plonks you right at that 50% mark, where you might be, in a realistic sense, attractive and attracted to women who fall into the 40%-60% category. I’m not taking into consideration people who punch above their weight, as that kind of comes later. From this percentage we can fairly easily assume 20% of all women are attracted to you purely for your average looks. This means we’ve got our very round and unscientific percentages for each of the three categories, and now we can use that on a population base.

I currently reside in Hamilton, New Zealand, which has a population of 145,000 people, of which women make up roughly 51.94% of, and of that percentage, using the age ranges of 20-39 year olds to suit my 32 years, would say only 32.5% of them would suit with that taken into consideration, which gives me a possible pool of 24,476 women. So let’s crunch these numbers!

Short, Bald, And Average Looking, The Flawed GuruFirst of all the height, which was 32.29%, and that drops the 24,476 of right aged women down to 7,903 in total. Now let’s take into consideration the hair factor, which was 25%, and that drops the number down to 1,975. And now the very last number, the average looks, which at 20% means that number drops once again down to 395.

But that isn’t the end of it of course, as we need to take in many other factors, such as personality, income, schooling, body type, career, and even straight up confidence, as we all know those factors do matter, and due to the large amount of variables, we could say that knocks that number down by 95%, which gives us 20 women.

Let’s be honest though, even in a small city like Hamilton, it’s near impossible to meet everyone, or even a small percentage, let alone find the time and opportunity to maybe know if they could be the right one for you. So if we take into consideration luck, chance encounters, and generally not taking the time of day to notice who or what’s around you, we could drop that number again by 95%, which takes us to that magical number, 1.

So that’s it, there’s 1 woman, in all of Hamilton, that is just perfect for me, and I to them, and not only that, I was lucky enough to meet them, get to know them, and realise they’re the one. That can be seen as a thing of beauty, or a rather sad statistic, but seeing as it is purely theoretical and completely unscientific, I think people can take it as they will. But to that 1 girl out there, I’m just letting you know to get in quick, as it looks like I might need to move to a bigger city to raise my chances!

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