Rain Man

Rain Man, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewI’ve been trying to complete the challenge of seeing all films on the IMDB top 250 list, but because it’s a constantly changing one, due to the fact it’s chosen by the collective votes of users and critics alike, means it’s actually been much harder to finish that you might think. The reason being, just when you think you’re 5 films from finishing, 10 old ones you’ve recently watched drop out and 10 new ones pop in.

One of those films that kept popping in and out of the list was Rain Man, and when I actually got around to seeing it, it was no longer on the list, but due to the fact it can often creep in, and it’s a film I should see anyway, I decided to fuck my challenge on this one and watch it anyway, even though there were 10 other films I should watch to complete that challenge. In fact I’ve been thinking of scrapping that challenge, as it really does feel like it will never end, as even if I do see that current 250, in a week’s time it would have changed again.

Rain Man though is one of those films I had seen many sections of over the years, but never the whole film. Not only that, I knew the famous scenes so well that it was almost like I had seen the film before. But why it’s taken me this long to see it is anyone’s guess, but I’m glad I finally have, as it’s as good as the reputation that proceeds it.

Rain Man, The Flawed Guru, Film Review, Movie ReviewIt’s a film that could easily have pulled on the heart strings a little too much, or gone even more over the top with the antics they get up to, but instead it had a deft touch the whole way through, and hit every beat it needed to in just the right way. Yes there were times it may have crossed that line of believability, but like with many films, I’m willing them some leeway to tell their story, so I never felt they crossed the line too much to put me off.

Both Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman play their parts to perfection, and end up making a perfect on screen duo in a very odd buddy movie type scenario, and the way it ended, though bitter sweet, really was the only realistic way it could have ended. Sure I could have thought of other endings, that could have been happier, or sadder, and maybe just as good, but whenever an ending leaves you feeling very content, you know they at least made the right choice with the one they picked.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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