Robocop, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewWhen you’re looking at what movies are currently on and trying to figure out what to watch, for me, it’s normally an easy choice, as either I’ve seen most things already, which means the options are limited, or if I haven’t been able to go for a while, I’ll just dig deep down into what I feel like seeing genre wise, and more than likely there’ll be one in the bunch of 4-6 that I’m keen on.

Though a spanner can be thrown into the mix when you’re taking a girl on a date as part of this weekly cinema adventure ritual, as suddenly you not only have to think about what they may like, but also what would or wouldn’t be a good date movie. Because let’s be honest, even if I liked a film, or they liked a film, it may end up being a horrible choice to see on a date, especially when the two of you are still pretty new to dating each other.

This is of course exactly the conundrum I found myself in the other day, and not only that, I had at least 6 films to choose from, which didn’t make it as clean cut as you might hope when picking the perfect film. But because I’ve been living 2014 as close to what my gut tells me as humanly possible, I left the decision of it to that, and what did it pick, Robocop! Hell, could have been a horrible choice, but I decided to listen and go with it.

Robocop, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film Review

The Robocop remake had a lot to live up to, as once again let’s be honest here, it was always going to be hard remaking it, if not purely for the fact it’s about a man being turned into a one man robotic army, and his name is Robocop. Now just say that with me. Robocop. Yeah, that’s like calling your kid Flaccid, and sending him out into the world hoping to have an easy life. So remaking a classic 80’s action film, and still having to deal with such story devices that could so easily lead to comedy, was always going to be tough, if not impossible.

But you know what, except for a couple things that didn’t really work, I really loved this film, and it even surprised me how much so! There were a few little nods back to the original that brought a smile to the face, and though it didn’t even come close to the violence of that one, the action was enough to keep me happy and entertained throughout.

Yes, there will be haters out there of this film, which may come from the diehard fans who feel it should never have been remade, to those who never saw the original, and think a robot cop called Robocop is to laughable to watch. But I say give it a go, throw out all those preconceived notions, and just enjoy a good sci-fi action film. You might even get a good laugh of two, and not from bad moments that are laughable like the original, but actual good one liners, not to say the original didn’t have good one liners, as in fact it had awesome ones!

So, was it a good date movie? Well, that’ll depend on the girl or date I guess, but luckily for me mine really liked it, and we went onto have a great night afterwards, which means big ups to my gut, and big ups to the remake of Robocop!

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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