The Decade Clock

The Decade Clock, The Flawed GuruIt’s been an interesting process digitizing all my old photos to Flickr, which I have been doing since the start of the year, having gone from 1981 to 1998 where I’m currently up to, and even though I spend most of the time dancing and singing along to my music that’s blasting in-between the scanning and organising each photo, it’s also given me a lot of time to reflect back on my life, and solidify those ideas I’ve had about it over the years, but never had the chance to lock those scattered thoughts down into a cohesive sensical mass.

One thing I’ve come to realize is that my life has followed a rather interesting pattern that seems intrinsically tied to periods of time, mainly decades, and even more so to the actual calendar decades. Being born in early 81 has meant I’ve been able to experience some great decades, and for the most part, all of them, as I only missed the first 14 months of the 80’s.

The Decade Clock, The Flawed GuruSo first up we have that 80’s decade, which I have now locked down as my Decade Of Innocence. I fucking loved growing up in the 80’s, and I have the best memories of it, from my awesome friends with whom most I’m still friends with, travels with the family, kick ass primary school, awesome neighbourhood to explore, and those beautiful rose coloured lenses that most kids in the western world are lucky enough to wear for the majority of their younger years.

There were bad times of course, like the fractured skull, broken wrist, impaled foot, many hits to the head causing me to have dozens of little scars all over it, so yeah, you get the picture, but that in a funny way made life more interesting, and it never held me back from taking on the next adventure. There were also the learning difficulties with my mild dyslexia, but I took that in my stride, and I excelled in other book smart areas to help balance that out.

The Decade Clock, The Flawed GuruThe 90’s however, which I’ve dubbed the Decade Of Fat, wasn’t so rosy cheeked. I have some great memories from my sporting achievements, a decent schooling environment that may or may not have held me back but I wouldn’t change for the world, the beginnings of more lifelong friendships, more cool trips with the family, discovery of a passion for all kinds of music, and coming to realise that film wasn’t just an interest, but a lifelong passion that I knew I was going to try my best to work in from that point onwards, and still do to this day.

On the negative side though, as the title says, was the time that my weight and issues with food became a thing, and caused a decent amount of grief for me, though most people would never have known it, as I was still a confident little fucker. There was also a school incident that caused me to pick up a hip injury that plagues me to this day with much pain and discomfort, and will require a hip replacement sometime in the current decade. It was also the decade of issues within the family, both internally and externally, and so there were many a hard time, but like with anything in life that brings ‘hardship’, and I say that with the most middle class western idea of it possible, it only makes you stronger.

The Decade Clock, The Flawed GuruThen came the 00’s, or as I’ve dubbed the Decade Or Relationships, which saw me try and find myself within the confines of relationships with the opposite sex. Of those 10 years, I spent 7 of them ‘in’ serious relationships, another 1 ‘out-but-kind-of-in’ those same relationships, and maybe another 1 in not so serious ones with a string of girls. I had heaps of fucking fun, and heaps of fucking pain, but once again it was what I needed to move onto the next stage of my life. But when I say decade of relationships it doesn’t just mean the romantic kind, as I once again found and built new friendships that last to this day, and the kinds that will most likely result in my best man and groomsmen at any possible future wedding.

This decade was also the time my life time love of film and other interests started to pay off in the career sense, as I started taking all those skills I had learnt, and still used, but started pointing them towards new ventures, such as professional film reviewing, blogging, copy writing, small business management, and being a manager and boss in general. Though the real ‘success’ didn’t kick into gear till the next decade, the ground work was laid during the 00’s.

The Decade Clock, The Flawed GuruThe, umm, 10’s? The Teens? Whatever, you know what I mean. I’ve dubbed this the Decade Of Self Fulfilment. What the fuck does that mean? I don’t know, ask me in 6 more years when it’s over, but for now it means this is the decade that I’m going to help take those first 3 decades of strong foundations, of awesomeness and not so awesomeness, and help elevate me into a decade where I’m going to start building my ‘true’ and ‘authentic’ life. Again, what does that mean? I don’t know, I just love catch words, so just roll with me.

But why is this the Decade Of Self Fulfilment, well, so far I’ve reached the most mentally centred, unbelievable amounts of contentment, best shape and health ever, become scarily independent, had the most ‘financial’ and ‘career’ success, and had the final realization that both work and money don’t mean anything without true happiness, and well, yeah, that word, happy.

This isn’t to say I haven’t been happy before, or life was doom and gloom, in fact it’s the complete opposite of that, as I’m often overly happy and positive, but what I’ve found in this decade, so far and from now on, is that true happiness only comes from within, and we, yes, we, are the only ones who have the true power to make ourselves that way, even during the tough times.

So here’s to the rest of this decade, the rest of my life, and to finding someone brave enough to come along for the ride, because they better hold on, as I didn’t lose my hair from genetics, it was from the speed in which I advance through this physical and spiritual life I lead.

Just joking…it was the genetics.

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