Shihad: Beautiful Machine

Shihad: Beautiful Machine, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewHaving grown up being a massive hard rock and metal fan, and of course a kiwi, meant that Shihad was a band that was very much in my scope of interest in my younger years and late teens. In fact, until I started seeing some bigger international acts in the mid 2000’s, my best ever concert experiences had been seeing Shihad play live in my hometown of Hamilton, New Zealand.

Despite being a fan, I could never say I was a rabid one, as I took each album, and each song, as they came, and some I liked, and some I thought were average. I was also a big believer that changing their name to Pacifier to try and crack the USA was a massive mistake, and even when they changed it back, a part of me had moved on, so it’s been a long time since I’ve listened to any of their music.

So when a documentary came out about their career, I was pretty interested to give it a watch, as even though I had kind of moved on, they did hold a special place in my younger years. Not to mention I love a good documentary, and musical ones can be pretty damn interesting. So with that, I rented myself a digital copy off the New Zealand Film Commission website, and set about watching what I hoped would be both eye opening and entertaining.

Shihad: Beautiful Machine, The Flawed Guru, Movie Review, Film ReviewWell, when a music documentary like this ends, and all it makes you want to do is go out and get your hands on all their music to listen to, means the film has done something very right. Also when you’ve heard bits of a story over the years, and suddenly have all the bits in-between filled in with not just other facts, but very in-depth history, things make so much more sense, and your interest levels are taken to a deeper level.

So I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the story of not only this band, but their family, and partners, as they all went on this journey that has gone on for over 20 years, and it brought a whole new level of respect and understanding to me as them as artists, and individuals, and like I said above, I’m looking forward to revisiting all their old music and their new stuff that I just haven’t heard yet.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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