300: Rise Of An Empire

300: Rise Of An Empire, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed Guru It had felt like an age since I last saw a film at the cinema, though for a normal person two weeks wouldn’t be long, but for me it felt like ages! So with Tuesday night upon me, I decided to stop the filmic dry patch and take my beautiful date along to the perfect date movie, 300: Rise Of An Empire! Because, you know, what’s better than watching naked guys and girls kill each other for 2 hours?

Though we didn’t exactly get off to a good start, as first she said she had never seen the original film, the place we had dinner at took ages and was a little disappointing, we got asked for money by a drugged up chick, and then for a swig of our drink a bit later from the same women. So yeah, not a good start, and a major reason why I’ve now given up on town for nightly visits for anything other than restaurants.

300: Rise Of An Empire, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed Guru The movie itself though got off to a good start, and kept in line with the first one, but maybe I need to re-watch that film, as this felt a lot more campy and laughable than the first. That’s not to say I didn’t like it, as I did, bit it trod a fine line, and often crossed it. The perfect example of that was the sex scene, which was both unnecessary, silly, and very try hard. Not that I’m complaining, as any time you get to see Eva Green naked is a good thing, but that was the only highlight of that sequence.

All up though this film isn’t as good as the first, and doesn’t hold any of the power that one did, be it the spectacle, emotion, or general cool factor, but it still sits nicely along with it as a solid sequel. Will I watch it again though any time soon? Unlikely, but my date said she was keen to see the first, so at least that means I get to watch that again soon!

But then again, does she only want to watch it to see more ripped 6 packs…? Screw it, there’s boobs in it, and it’s damn cool anyway!

7.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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