Foundation, Hamilton, New Zealand

Foundation, Hamilton, New Zealand, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruBeing a film reviewer and blogger as most of you will know, I decided to try my hand at reviewing restaurants. Ohh, not because I want to, or I’m qualified to, but because I had an ‘interesting’ experience at Foundation last night, a bar and restaurant at Te Awa, Hamilton.

I eat out with my partner 1-3 times a week, and we really enjoy trying a different place every time, as there’s so much selection in Hamilton to keep us going for years. Last night we decided on dinner and a movie, and thought Foundation Bar would be a great option seeing as it’s right under the cinemas, and I hadn’t been there before, so it matched everything we needed. It looked nice as we walked in, and the food smells were great, but that’s where all the positives ended.

We walked up to the bar, as we didn’t see anywhere else where they may sit people, and as we waited for someone to talk to us, we just talked to each other, as you do. After finally being ignored for a few minutes, I stepped closer to the bar where a Big Breasted Brunette Bitch, or as I will call her the BBBB from now on, rudely asked what we wanted without even looking up at us. We asked for a table for two, and once again she rudely and sarcastically said to grab any table, and menus will be brought out.

Having had such a welcoming introduction, we went and found a table, and had a little laugh about miss BBBB, or as we would normally call these types of girls, RBF, or Resting Bitch Face. We continued to talk for nearly 10 minutes, and still no menus had been brought out, and the clock was ticking for our movie in just over an hour. So I walked up to the bar again, where BBBB quickly spouted out before I could say anything in once again a sarcastic tone, ‘what can I do for you mate’.

Foundation, Hamilton, New Zealand, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruOnce again floored by the absolute unwarranted arrogance of this RBF, I just said, ‘umm, can I get a couple menus please’, to which she rolled her eyes and with the most sarcastic tone to date said, ‘sure…I’ll bring them right out to your table’. At that point I was like I’m out of here.

As I got back to the table my partner said a nice redheaded waitress was just there asking if she needed anything, to which she said I had just gone to ask for some menus, and so the waitress politely said sorry and would be back soon to take our order. As I was then about to tell her what happened and that we were out of there, the BBBB came up with menus and the drinks menu, and put on her best fake nice voice as she presented them before walking off.

I then quickly filled my girl in on what the RBF had done, and we got up and walked out without even tasting what smelt like great food. I don’t doubt for a second this girl has had complaints about her before, and I can only imagine the male manager or owner is banging that Resting Bitch Face of hers to allow her to stay on and scare off paying customers.

1 out of 10 from me!!!

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