Pompeii, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruWhenever I decide to go to the cinema, which is normally 1-2 times a week, often I’m left with very few options of what to see, as either I’ve already seen everything, and the only films on offer are new ones. This of curse can create some situations where I don’t really want to see any of the new films that are on, but my desire to have a cinema experience often over rules that feeling.

So with my usual Cheap Night Tuesday trip upon me and my girl, I looked at what was on, and I found myself with only two options, with Pompeii being the only real option, seeing as it looked like an adventure disaster film. Though I wasn’t exactly blown away by the trailers for the film, and was in two minds. But as previously stated, my desire to go to the flicks, and especially with my girl, won out in the end.

Pompeii was one of those movies that were only going to be one of two things. Slightly above average, or slightly below average, as that’s really the only types of films Paul W.S. Anderson makes, and has ever made. But with an interesting blockbuster disaster theme, and some Game Of Thrones John Snow action on the screen, meant I thought this might be the former of the two qualities.

Pompeii, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruThe spectacle was there on screen with the production design and costumes, but sadly the directing failed horribly with the fighting scenes, and having been a fan of the show Spartacus, just made these fights look like they were shot by amateurs, and the PG violence was a bit of a mockery for a gladiator film.

The acting was pretty subpar, and the story to most parts was non-existent, and don’t get me started on the love story, but you don’t go to this type film for those things, it’s the epic destruction that gets you through the door, and on that front they succeeded in spades, as the volcano eruption was pretty spectacular.

So not the worst Anderson film, and not the best, and this may in fact be his right down the middle first average film. What I’m going to take away from it though is that Kit Harrington, aka John Snow from Game Of Thrones, is pretty cut, and so I’m stoping bulking as of today and back to cutting myself. Bring on the return of my own 6 pack!

6.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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