Iguana, Hamilton, New Zealand

Iguana, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 6th 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruFor only my second ever restaurant review, I’m going to write about the stalwart of the Hamilton eatery scene, Iguana. Not that it was even meant to be the place I ate at that night. You see, as cheesy as it sounds, I decided to treat my girl to a two-months of dating celebration weekend. Yes, yes, mock me all you want! But it happened, and it was awesome!

The end of this weekend celebration was to be dinner at a nice restaurant in town. But, due to someone taking two hours to get ready when they said it would only take 30 minutes or so *coughmollidycough* meant that when we got to town at 9pm on a Sunday night, my first choice was only serving chips, and well, our attire didn’t exactly qualify for chips in an empty place.

Iguana, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 6th 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruSo, we walked, and not even that far. You see, our first date was at Iguana, though we didn’t eat there, and technically it was more two people meeting for the first time due to mutual friends than a date. But fuck it, it so counts as the first date and first place! So long story short it seemed like a good option, and even a better one when they were still serving decent food.

We grabbed a booth and chatted away, and were quickly asked for drinks, which were a pineapple juice for me, and water for the lovely lady. But 30 seconds after the drinks order was taken another waitress came up for our food order. Clearly we hadn’t had enough time to choose, and she had a little bot of a stare with her big eyes, so we politely said we needed more time. Not long after that my drink arrived, and was disappointed to find it lukewarm.

Iguana, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 6th 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruSo we looked at the menu and picked what looked like a yummy combination of a medium 6 sliced High N Iron pizza, and the kumara chips with the works. The works being cheese, bacon, aioli, and guacamole dip. Boom! But it then took them nearly 15 minutes before someone else came up to take our order. Not that it mattered too much, as we goofed around, as we do, and took many a silly selfie.

Our order was eventually taken, and about 10 minutes later it arrived, and boy was it yummy! The pizza was just perfect, and the sauce was sooooo good. The kumara chips were a little soggy and could have been crisper, but still rather tasty. And we finished everything, so that’s also a good sign.

So it lost marks for the warm juice, unbalanced timed service, and the soggy kumara chips, but everything else was awesome, and it made for a great night!

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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