Indian Affair, Taupo, New Zealand

Indian Affair, April, 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruAs we were away on holiday for the long Anzac weekend, we knew we would be having a couple meals out at Taupo restaurants, but with neither of us having really eaten out here before, we didn’t know what to expect. Well, 30 minutes of walking around the main hub, two things became apparent, one being that Taupo is a very busy place when it comes to restaurants on a Friday night, and secondly they have a heck of a lot of choice to pick from. Who knew!

So we did the rounds a second time and tried to figure out what we were in the mood for, as many were packed, and with it being a bit cold we wanted to sit inside. One thing was certain though, we wanted a nice warm dinner, and lots of it. So we walked back to the very first restaurant we saw, and we said if it was too busy, we’d just pick one of the 5 Indian restaurants Taupo had on offer. When we got there, it was packed, so we turned the corner and decided to head to the first Indian restaurant we saw, which was also packed, but we felt was more likely we’d be able to get a table quickly.

Indian Affair, April, 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruWe only had to wait about 10 minutes for a table, which wasn’t so bad as they had a comfy couch to sit on, and judging by the number of people coming in for takeaway, it was easy to tell this was a popular place to eat. When finally our table was ready, they were still wiping it down, and the cutlery wasn’t put on properly, so the knife and fork were facing my girlfriend and sticking over the table.

The food though all looked good, and because we had a movie to get to in just over an hour, we decided to stick only with mains. For her, she ordered the Chili Chicken with a Kulcha Naan, and I got the Chicken Korma and the Cheese and Garlic Naan. We decided to also stick with their standard rice, as we weren’t feeling too adventurous.

Indian Affair, April, 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruWhen the food arrived it all looked great, and when we tucked in it was damn good. The chicken in mine wasn’t the best and was a little bland, but when I got to dipping my Naan into the sauce, I was in heaven! My girlfriend loved the Chili Chicken and Kulcha, and my couple of mouthfuls of both also reaffirmed this, so all up the food was damn good and exactly what we felt like.

So the only marks off come from the hurried table service, and the slightly bland chicken in my curry, but everything else was top notch and would be highly recommended by us!

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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