Bananaa Leaf, Hamilton, New Zealand

Bananaa Leaf, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruWhen it’s a cold midweek autumn night, and you and your girlfriend are hungry, there’s only one thing for it. That’s getting in the car and just driving until you find something yummy to eat. This is exactly what myself and my girl found ourselves in last week, and so we jumped in my car and drove to an area where we thought we’d find something decent and new to try.

When we got there though, I was very hungry and so everything looked awesome, and so I left the decision up to the hot girl in my passenger seat. We got a park, and ahead of us was an Indian restaurant, and she suggested that. Now I had eaten at this place before, as it was called The Curry Pot, and though it was small, it was nice. So I was up for the idea.

Bananaa Leaf, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruAs we walked to it though I realised things were different, the first being it was now 3 times as big as it was before, and the second was the name change, to Bananaa Leaf. I wasn’t exactly sure if the extra a was on purpose or not, but decided to ignore that, and after a quick look in, we decided sitting down was what we felt like, rather than ordering and taking away.

The place was pretty quiet, so we had the choice of where to sit, and the service was nice and friendly. After looking at the menus for a little while, I decided on the Chicken Vindaloo and a Keema Naan, and my girlfriend choose the Chilli Chicken With Gravy and a Stuffed Naan. I was so hungry that everything looked good, and so we just sat back and talked hoping the food would arrive quickly.

Bananaa Leaf, Hamilton, New Zealand, April 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruWhen the food turned up we quickly tucked into it, and mine was awesome! I hadn’t had a vindaloo in years, and this had a great spiciness, and left my mouth feeling very alive. The naan was also great, and when I got to my favourite part, dipping it into the curry, I was in food heaven. On the other side of the table though my girlfriend wasn’t enjoying the meal as much.

She felt the chicken was mainly small bits wrapped in batter, and after having tasted one I agreed, and generally she just wasn’t happy with the flavour overall, and in fact didn’t finish it. Which of course meant I was left to finish it off, which I did happily! Though one sour note was that the meals were pretty spicy, and we got through our bottle of water pretty quickly, and could have done with a refill, but we never had someone come and change it for us.

So all up I really enjoyed the food and the experience, but my partner didn’t enjoy the meal so much, but she thinks picking a different curry could completely change her opinion on the place. So though not the best, we are more than willing to come back for another try someday.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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