50/50, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruI remember when I first saw 50/50, it was one of those films that got my attention more because of the actors involved than the story. Not to say it didn’t look interesting, but if we were being honest, this exact same film with different actors would have got far less attention, from both myself and the general public. But it did have the actors it did, and because of that I watched it and really liked it.

So during the Christmas break, when I stumbled across a video store closing down, which in turn had a whole heap of Blu-rays for dirt cheap, 50/50 was one of the films I picked up for a cool $2, along with 50 others. I’ve had this new pile of movies to watch for over 4 months now, and I’ve so far only watched 2-3. So when I sat down to watch some more the other night, I decided to watch from the beginning, as in alphabetical order. Well, in this case numerical order, as the numbers come before the letters, and so 50/50 was that nights viewing choice.

50/50, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruWhat I really liked about this film was for a dramedy, it always felt very real. Meaning the drama never felt overly exaggerated, and neither were the comedic situations they found themselves in. That of course became a little more apparent when watching the special features, as I realized the film was inspired by the writers real life experience fighting spinal cancer. So though it wasn’t a straight up biography, some of the scenes were pulled directly from real life, and I feel that came through in the movie.

I thought the acting was really good, writing was spot on, if not a little Hollywood in parts, and the directing was nice and slick and kept the movie moving along at a good pace. Though it’s not the funniest film around, or the most heartwarming, or dramatically powerful, but it still was a really good watch, and one I think I liked even more second time round.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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