Sultan’s Kitchen, Hamilton, New Zealand

Sultan's Kitchen, May 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruIt was a cold autumn evening, with the working week behind us, and my girlfriend and I found ourselves wondering what we should do for dinner. As we often do when not really sure what to eat, we just got in the car and drove to an area where we know has food, and we let inspiration grab us. This time we decided to hit up town, and on the drive there the idea of Sultan’s Kitchen came to mind, which was a place we had often seen, but never visited.

As we walked up to the restaurant, we decided to check out their menu outside first, as we weren’t still 100% sure it was where we wanted to eat. As we were looking over the menu, we saw in our peripheral vision that one of the waiters walked over from the front door to us and said hello. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s polite, but it’s also awkward pressure when you’re still trying to work out if you want to eat there or not. So though we did eat there, I didn’t like that aspect.

Sultan's Kitchen, May 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruOnce seated, we looked around and enjoyed the decor, which though not flash, was still nicely done and made the atmosphere enjoyable. We then had a waitress come and ask for our drink orders, and I asked for a pineapple juice, and my girlfriend a feijoa juice, which once on the table were both nice. I always judge a place by their juice, as a good pulpy drink is a good sign, where as a concentrate isn’t such a good look.

When it came to picking the mains, and being a creature of habit, I went for the Sultan’s Mixed Grill, which I’ve had before at various restaurants, and I always like to compare meals I like at the various establishments I visit. My girlfriend on the other hand likes to mix things up, and she went for the Meat Moussaka. Being both rather tired from the weeks worth of work, we then kept ourselves entertained by being silly and just cracking each other up, which we tend to do often and is much easier when tired.

Sultan's Kitchen, May 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed GuruWhen the food arrived after a short wait, I was actually surprised, as mine looked very different from other mixed grills I’ve had at other Turkish restaurants. That’s not to say it was a bad thing, but it just took me aback for a little bit, as I was kind of in the mood for what I was used to, but it did look good. The moussaka looked good as well, and with that we tucked in for what was a decent meal.

Now, I say decent, as it wasn’t mind blowing, and mine did feel like it was missing the usual side of rice rather then the bread this one offered up. My girlfriend also said the moussaka was good, though not mind blowing. We were even tempted with looking at the dessert menu afterwards, but once looking nothing really grabbed us, so we decided to leave it just at the main and the juices. So a decent all-round restaurant, and one that I’d happily go to again, but maybe not till I’ve tried all the other Turkish restaurants in town as a comparison.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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