Batman Begins

Batman Begins, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed GuruI’m currently in the process of watching a whole lot of films. Now this isn’t exactly anything new for me, as I watch films all the time. But what I’m meaning is that over Christmas I got myself 50 really cheap blu-rays, as a local video store was closing down. And well, since that time I’ve been slowly making my way through this pile while also watching as many new films as I could at the cinema, and of course other films I happen to get my hands on.

All of this takes time of course, but the next films on my list were to be the most recent Batman trilogy, starting of course with Batman Begins. Well, having watched Batman Begins for the first time since all three films of the trilogy came out, made me rate this film higher even more than the 2-3 times I had seen it previously. And now that I’m going into watching all three back to back, I’m pretty damn pumped for it, as this really is an awesome launching pad for a fantastic series.

Batman Begins, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed GuruIt wasn’t perfect though, and some of the more awkward scenes involved Katie Holmes, though I don’t blame this on her. In fact I think I remember not liking her or her character the other times I saw it, but this time round I really liked her in the role. But for whatever reason, the scenes that didn’t flow nicely always involved her, as if they had to keep cutting around her scenes, which made them feel jumbled. This could have been a script issue; a pacing issue, or maybe she just wasn’t nailing whole scenes, hence cutting out what didn’t work?

Other than that though, I fricken loved this film! The action was great, the directing was great, the characters were great, and it made you actually want to be the Batman, where as the previous films didn’t exactly inspire that in me. You know, unless I wanted to be a little bit campy and cheesy. I was also glad to see that it still holds up 9 years later, as a lot has advanced in a filmmaking sense since then.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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