The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed GuruAnd so, I have finished The Dark Knight trilogy, for the first after having seen them as separate films as they came out at the cinema from 2005 to 2012, and seeing them back-to-back has actually been really good, as it shows me how awesome this series really was. Though it is funny how time can warp your opinion of a film, and especially when you see the other films around the same time, as you have more to reference from and compare with.

With that in mind, here is what I had to say about the film in 2012, and then I’ll say a few more things about what I thought about it now, and especially with having seen it straight after the first two.

“It’s hard critiquing a film that’s the end of a series of films, as it has the burden of tying up so many loose ends. I’m also loath to put any negativity on a film that kept me glued to the screen unblinkingly for nigh on 3 hours. So all I’ll say is I bloody loved The Dark Knight Rises, and it fits nicely as my second favourite in the series behind The Joker…I mean The Dark Knight. It also had the best ending they could have possibly aimed for, as it was perfect, and even brought a tear to my eye.”

The Dark Knight Rises, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed GuruNow, as stated, with two years under my belt and the other films recently seen, I’ve changed my opinion a bit. First up, there were lot’s of little things that annoyed me this time round. Like, how come Bruce Wayne needed a cane but with his leg braced seemed fine, but then later on when he was in prison he didn’t have the leg brace, but walked fine? Why did Talia sleep with him knowing who he was? How could Bruce Wayne fake his death and then openly live his life in public, when he was one of the worlds most famous billionaires?

And to be honest, the list goes on. But I still hold true to one of the points I made with my first review, and that was this film was captivating, and despite its issues I still really liked it. Though having watched Batman Begins again, I think that was better than this one. So this is still a great film, but easily the weakest in the series.

8.5 out of 10 from me!!!

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