The Book Of Eli

The Book Of Eli, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruOnce again I find myself making my way through the pile of 50 blu-rays I bought during christmas, when I stumbled upon a video store closing down and selling everything really cheap. Because of my OCD, and I’m kind of lazy, I’m going through them alphabetically, which means I’ve just got up to The Book Of Eli, a film I saw back in 2010 when it first came out. So I thought I’d post back up my review I wrote back then to see if it still holds true.

Post apocalyptic films are always fun to watch, to see the filmmakers particular take on what the future might be, and even though they try to change things, these films often have very similar themes. The Book Of Eli didn’t seem to step that far away from those themes when I saw the trailer, but it had a great take on the genre by playing on the fact it had a major religious slant with Eli having to protect a book, which is the last bible on earth.

The Book Of Eli, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruDenzel Washington is such a commanding actor that whenever he’s on the screen you can’t help but be drawn into his performance. Add in some great little action scenes with him brutally dispatching his enemies and you have a rock solid character that he just embodied so well. There was a good little twist at the end as well, which I had half picked near the beginning, but it was still a nice little surprise when it was fully shown to the audience. A very solid and enjoyable film and with a chance of a sequel, and it would be interesting to see where they could take the story.

So all of that still holds true having watched it again on blu-ray, and it is an interesting film, though it does have issues that hold it back from being really good. So it’s one I’m more than happy to keep in my collection, but only because I got it really cheap.

8 out of 10 from me.

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