Good Neighbour, Hamilton, New Zealand

Good Neighbour, July 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed Guru It’s not often that a restaurant picks up such a good name that you see it spawning new ones at a fast clip. Sure we see it with fast food and cafes, but not really ‘nice’ restaurants, as even chain restaurants still have a feeling of slightly underclass style and food, thus I don’t really count those. But it’s even more rear, if not unheard of, that this is mostly due to the quality of drink they serve.

Good George, which is in the suburb of Frankton, Hamilton, was a pretty styli pub and restaurant that popped up a few years ago with their very own brand of beer and cider. This beer and cider was so popular, plus the good food and nice atmosphere, that not only was Good George a very popular destination for a night out, its drink started turning up all over town. This of course led to Little George in the city, and now Good Neighbour in Rototuna coming into existence.

So with a celebration on the cards, my partner and I decided we wanted to go somewhere fun and new. You see, we are heading overseas soon for two months, and we just got back in the mail our passports with fresh visas, meaning we were 99% prepared for the trip 3 weeks out from actually leaving. This of course made us pretty excited for the trip, and seeing as Good Neighbour had just opened, it seemed like a great option.

Good Neighbour, July 2014, Restaurant Review, The Flawed Guru It was a very cold and rainy night, and as we walked up to the restaurant it had a very nice look and feel to it. Sadly though there was a massive puddle right at the main walkway, which we had to walk around, so there was a bit of a design flaw there. Once inside though, it was as inviting inside as it was outside.

We asked for a table for two, and we were sat near the main door, right next to a terminal, which staff used throughout our meal. That wasn’t very nice; as it felt like this terminal could easily have been designed in a way so not to make the people eating next to it feel like they kept getting interrupted. Also every time the front door opened we were blasted with icy wind, so we ended up having to share one side of the table so as to avoid as much as we could the cold wind which came in anytime someone entered, which happened often.

We ordered our food and drinks, which was one each of their two different types of cider, the Salt & Vinegar Chicken Bits, and the Huntington Pizza. The atmosphere was really good, the staffs were nice and friendly, and the drink and starter didn’t take long to come out. The drink was great as usual, but for the cost, the chicken nibbles were a littler underwhelming and a bit of a novelty on the taste front. When the pizza came out it looked really nice, but the crust area of the base was stone cold. The pizza itself though was ok, though nothing special.

All up I really enjoyed the look of the place and the atmosphere, and the staff were all really good, and the drink great. But the food was a bit of a let down, and I may just put off seeing it as a dining experience, and maybe more of a place to go with friends for drinks and snacks.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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