Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s not often that the title of the film is pretty much its own spoiler, which it very much is with this film, Lone Survivor. I guess in its own right it still doesn’t give much away when out of context, but when you see the trailer, it’s pretty easy to see how this is all going to turn out. Not that the filmmakers were trying to hide this fact, as the film starts with the ending, where you get to see said lone survivor.

This can actually be a very powerful story-telling tool, as you see the characters or the situation as they are now, and then you get to see how and what had to happen and what they had to go through to get to that stage. The best ever example of this in my mind is Grave Of The Fireflies, which opens up with one character talking about the death of another, before they too die. You are then taken back, and told a heart-breaking story, as you know what happens to those two characters by the end.

As Lone Survivor is based on a true story, it also already held a special place in my heart, as anything that’s truthful just speaks to me that little more deeply, and this film is no different. Though I found the film pretty intense during it, it wasn’t till the end with the photos of the real guys and the text explaining the situation now that the films impact sunk in.

Lone Survivor, Movie Review, Film Review, The Flawed GuruThe film I’d put in the same category as Black Hawk Down in its intensity, and maybe that’s because both of them are true stories, so it’s easier to get pulled into the tense nature, as you know this all actually happened. But either way once the action kicked in, it pretty much kept you on the edge of your seat for a good chunk of the film.

Some of the action was a little too much with the shaky in your face camera, and there were a little too many hoora-merica moments for my liking also, but other than that this is a damn fine example of a war film that really pulls you into what it must have been like for the actual guys going through it. So though this won’t be for everyone, I feel the people it’s made for will love and cherish this as one of the pinnacles of the genre.

9 out of 10 from me!!!

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