Celeste and Jesse Forever

Celeste And Jesse Forever, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed GuruIt’s not often I’d pick to see an Andy Samberg movie where he seems to play it straight forward with very little to no comedy, but when I had the chance to check out Celeste and Jesse Forever, which seemed exactly like that kind of performance, I was still interested to give it a watch to see how he handles a more serious role. Though having loved his comedy stuff since the early days of The Lonely Island, it was going to be hard to see him as anything other than that goof ball comedian.

The film had a familiar premise, with a couple that are going through a divorce, but are still best friends, so they try and keep that friendship alive as best they can while each also tries to move on to a new life. This of course could only ever end in disaster, if not for the simple fact their new partners may not like the idea of them still being close friends and hanging out. But, that’s the premise of the film, and where the meat of the story and the human drama comes from, so you just had to hold on for the inventible ride.

Celeste And Jesse Forever, Film Review, Movie Review, The Flawed GuruThat’s not to say it didn’t have a few good moments that felt different than just the normal kind of break-up film, and it had a bittersweet ending that I felt was the right way to go, as if it had of ended another way, that could have been seen as technically a bad ending for other characters in the film. Also the leads were really good and believable in their roles, and even though there were hints of the normal Sandberg comedy, it was really cool seeing him play the majority of the film as a serious character.

8 out of 10 from me!!!

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