Indo China – Day 4

This morning we got up early, because our body clocks are still a bit off, but it’s amazing how much energy you can still muster from only 4 hours sleep. But we just hung out in bed watching Thai Kick Boxing on TV, then got around to our showers, before heading out around 8.30am. Today’s destination was about 10kms away, so we knew this would be another issue trying to find a ride that wouldn’t try and rip us off, and we didn’t think Tuk Tuks would take us that far.

When we hit the street we asked many taxis, and all said no to the meter and that it would be 300 tbh, though we knew we could get cheaper, or hoped for a metered one. Though after even asking a Tuk Tuk, who said it was too far, we thought we might need to bite the built and just go with 300 and try and get it a bit lower. One of the first taxis we talked to hit us up again, and we said only for 250 which they agreed to. Still maybe 2-3 times too much but again we couldn’t be bothered.

The ride itself was a little stressful, as it was a longer journey, and the lead up to getting into this taxi involved 4 people talking, and of course us, and who knows what they were really saying. So I kept using my map to find land marks to make sure we were on the right direction, and every time I found one, I felt a little better, but I’ve got to say my body was a little sore from the tension by the end. It was also about a 40 minute ride, so well worth the 250, especially when you realise that was only $10 kiwi. But we got to our destination safe and sound, and on time, so alls well that ends well as they say.

We had a walk around the area which was more the commercial district of Bangkok, so felt very different then the other areas we had been to so far, as there were high rises and nice cars around. After walking around a bit we grabbed some lunch and then went for some more wandering, and then around 2pm we were ready to head back to the hotel, but we knew it meant another taxi ride. But this time we asked a local business operator if they could ask the taxi driver in Thai for it to be metered, which they did. And low and behold it was only 103 thb by the end of the trip, so we had been paying 2 to 2 1/2 times as much as we should have.

As our bodies are still adjusting to the time zone, we ended up napping and relaxing the rest of the day, and once again didn’t head out again till 10pm to get a late dinner at the night market outside. This time we hoped to actually buy stuff and get our barter on, but we’ve found these really touristy type markets that they are hard to barter with, as they are so used to dumb ass tourists paying full price. One thing we’ve noticed though is scorpions on a stick seem to be the tourist snack of choice, as they are everywhere, and many foreigners can be seen screwing up their faces while they munch on down, though we have yet to partake in this.

We then headed back to the hotel at just after 11, and showered for bed. On that note, the shower is the only place with a direct link to outside with an always open grill, which causes it to be constantly warm, so we’ve been using it as a mini sauna for when we want to test the waters of what the outside will feel like. It’s also like a speaker for outside noises, so if we leave it open we can hear the music from the market, but when we’ve had enough we close the door and we get decent peace and quiet. Though the real funny thing about the bathroom is the fact the whole thing is also the shower, so it’s odd when you turn the water on and you’re showering right in between the toilet on one side, and the sink on the other.20140727-204714-74834954.jpg




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