Indo China – Day 5

Our body clocks must be starting to adjust, as it was 6am that we woke up today, which was a big improvement on 5am the morning before, and 4.30am the morning before that. So we both felt fairly refreshed, and we also knew we were on the right track, as with the group trip starting in 2 days time, we really hoped we were fully adjusted by then.

As we chatted about how we felt and how it felt good to get a decent number of hours sleep in a row, we talked about what we should do today. Our plan since booking this trip was to hit up Dreamworld Bangkok during the first part of the trip, but when we woke up it just didn’t feel like something we wanted to do, even though this was the last day we were going to be able to do it for another 40+ days until we got back to Thailand in early September. Instead I looked up on Google the best markets in Bangkok, and the main one that kept coming up was the Chatuchak Weekend Market, which is one of the worlds largest and most famous with over 8,000 stalls! So yeah, being a Saturday, we knew we had to hit this place up!

Having learnt that getting a taxi from outside our hotel isn’t the best idea, when we left at around 9.45am, we walked about 1km down the road to enjoy a nice walk and to see if getting a taxi further away would mean getting a metered one and not get ripped off. The very first taxi we waved down agreed to our destination, and to being metered, and it was as easy as that. We’re clearly learning! The ride was about 10km and took about 25 minutes, and before we knew it we were at Chatuchak Market, though we of course were only seeing a small part of it, so weren’t ready for exactly how huge this place was.

Chatuchak Market was absolutely amazing! We spent 5 hours walking around and shopping, and I honestly believe we still only saw about 50% of it, and what we saw was pretty cool, a little bit disturbing, but all up the best thing we’ve done here so far. Almost everything you could think of was at this market, from food, clothing, nicknacks, housewares, souvenirs, and animals, the latter of which was the slightly disturbing part of the market.

Think about going to a pet store, now times that by 100, and that’s what this section of the market was like. Cats, dogs, fish, bugs, geckos, rabbits, squirrels, birds, snakes, turtles, lizards, chickens, ducks, monkeys, and even hedgehogs! If you like seeing lots of cute animals, you’ll be in heaven, but if you’re a lover of animals, it will disturb you seeing the condition and treatment of some of these animals. Not all of them, but the ones that are in bad shape stay in your head over the ones that aren’t.

The rest of the market was just so much fun to walk around and see everything, from the stalls, the people, and the products, and then there’s the smells, some good and some bad. The food was good as well, and found all over the market, so you never felt that far away from a refreshing beverage or a yummy meal, and boy did you need that, as with the temperature, and the hours and kms of walking, meant you build up an appetite and thirst. In fact, I’d say at around hour 4.5 I was close to passing out from heat stroke, but luckily a quickly downed coke and water fixed that right up.

After we had bought everything we needed for the next leg of the trip, and had an amazing time seeing and exploring such an amazing place, we decided it was time to head back home. We flagged down a taxi who didn’t want to take us to Khao San road, but luckily the next one did and they agreed to the meter being used, so once again a win for us! Once back at the hotel, we put on our togs and headed to the top floor where the pool was, and for the first time on the trip, we took a much needed swim. After a day of sweating ourselves dry, it was the only thing to do!

We then returned back to our room for showers and a chillax, before heading back out to the night market for dinner, where we found a Japanese Donburi place right next to our hotel, which we couldn’t understand how we had missed up to this point. As usual when you’re hungry, we ordered too much, and though it was really good, we were too full by the end. With full bellies we went out into the market, and it was actually the earliest we had been there, as it was around 7.30pm, and it had a more chilled out vibe. I was able to buy a couple last things, and then we headed back to the hotel.

This had been the first day since we had got here that we hadn’t napped, so we were both pretty tired by this point, and with us moving hotels the next day, and our tour group meeting at dinner time the same day, meant we were more than ready for an early night. So with 5 days down of the 53, we had already learnt heaps and were ready to learn a lot more, and though we knew it was going to be a mix of awesomeness and tiredness, we were ready for it to keep on going, and at 9pm we were asleep!

On the learning front, another little tip we picked up is to have one water bottle set aside all the time that has been treated with putrefaction tablets, so that when ever you need to brush your teeth, be it morning, noon, or night, you have the water to do it, rather than having to wait the 30 minutes to cook up a new batch or take the risk of using the local tap water.

Because trust me, every time you accidentally get shower water in your mouth, or maybe pool water, or you order a drink that comes with ice, you always wonder will this be the one time I get hit with a water born bug. So this drink bottle not only gives you peace of mind, but it means you always have access to clean teeth, which can be a nice thing to have if you may not be able to shower to make everything else feel so fresh.20140727-205101-75061998.jpg






















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