Indo China – Day 9

As we woke, with the luxury of no alarm, we were glad to see it was 8am, meaning we just both had our best and longest sleep of the trip so far, a whole 8 1/2 hours! We knew this meant we were finally 100% acclimatised, and though it might sound odd being excited about sleep when on holiday as you should be out there enjoying every moment, the reality is that sleep is a crucial part of holidays. If you don’t get enough it can mean crashing and burning, especially on long trips away.

Once we had our showers, got changed, and packed our day bags, it was about 9.15am, and we headed downstairs for breakfast. None of the other tour members were there, and we wondered if maybe we were the first to get up, and everyone else was enjoying their first morning off of the trip even more than we were. We ate breakfast, and checked up on the net, as at this guest house we only had access to the net in the lobby, and then by about 10.30am we realised that maybe we were the ones that had slept in late, and everyone else had gotten up early.

We then walked into town to find a travel agency to see if we couldn’t book an activity for the day, but stopped at the local mall on the way and got a rather yummy ice cream. When we got to the travel agency we booked in for the Flight Of The Gibbon, which was a zip line course spanning the forrest tree tops of the Angkor complex, and was something we had looked forward to since learning about it early on in booking this trip.

We headed back to the hotel and packed a few extra things we might need during this adventure, and then waited in the lobby for our driver to pick us up. At around 1.30pm a Tuk Tuk turned up for us and we headed off for a 30 minute drive through the Angkor complex until we reached the zip line course. The course itself was actually designed and built by a New Zealand company, so it was kind of nice taking part in something with a kiwi connection.

The course itself was pretty badass, and we were up in the air for 2 hours with heights up to 50 meters and zip lines as long as 300 meters, and being above this tropical rain forrest as we walked and zipped between trees was a bit of a highlight of the trip, and maybe in life in general. Once done, our driver took us to a restaurant on the edge of one of the massive man made Angkor complex moats, and we had a pretty damn decent, and truly authentic, Cambodian meal, which Mollidy was pretty chuffed about. Once we were both full, our driver took us back to the guest house, and we got home around 5pm.

We had our showers to wash off once again a days worth of muck and sweat, and then relaxed for a bit. Mollidy was pretty keen on the idea of another massage, and so we planned to head into town a bit later on. Around 7pm though she crashed out and didn’t wake up till 10, so I just watched movies on the TV and did a bit of writing. When she finally woke up we pretty much chilled for a bit before going to sleep for real.

One thing I want to talk about in this post is how you get a little glimpse into what it must be like to be famous when you’re walking the streets of Cambodia and Thailand, or at least the touristy areas. The moment you step out of your hotel, or a shop, you have people calling out to you to ride their taxi or Tuk Tuk, or they want you to come into their shops to buy something. It’s an odd feeling to be constantly harassed and you learn very quickly how to ignore it and keep moving, but it does give you a glimpse into the world of a celebraity.




























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