Indo China – Day 12

Despite not having to get up early, we found ourselves awake by 6am, but that meant we had a decent 9 hours sleep, so we were pretty refreshed. We jumped on our iPads and mucked around on the net, as it can be a bit of a luxury having internet in your rooms, so we took full advantage of it. We showered, packed our bags, and by 9am we were out and about looking for a place to have breakfast. This was made easier by a great app that another couple on the trip told us about, Triposo, which can be used offline, and it directs you to places to see and places to eat, and is a great little tool.

So by taking its advice, and following its offline map at intermittent times to make sure we were on the right track, we walked just over 1km to this place called Freebird, and though the outside wasn’t that inviting, once inside it was great! It was 50-70s American themed, so there were lots of memorabilia on the walls, and they only played classic rock, so it was my kind of place. We had our biggest and nicest breakfast to date, and near the end the couple who had told us about the app turned up, as they also had used it to find the same place.

After the meal we walked back to our hotel, but on the way stopped off to the Cambodia National Museum, and that was a good way to spend an hour walking around and looking at and learning about the history of the artistic arts of the country. Once we had seen that though it was off for an ice cream and a drink, and then we chilled at the hotel for an hour as our tour bus didn’t leave till 1pm, as today we were on the road again to our first of three home stays during this epic adventure!

Once on the bus the journey was going to be 3-4 hours, with an hour of that on pretty full on dirt country roads as we made our way out to the home stay in Chambok. We are pretty used to the bus trips by now, and with others to talk to, and our own entertainment, they fly by pretty quick, not to mention we stop every 90 minutes to 2 hours which is a good way to break it up. When we got to the home stay we were shown the two homes we were going to be split into and met the families, and then we were taken to the town meeting area.

Before we were fed dinner by the locals, we had one of them give us a half hour talk about the community, its history, and why they do these home stays, and that was pretty cool. Then the food came out and it was pretty good, and we were all fairly hungry as well by then. We were then taken to an outdoor performance area where the local kids performed 5 dances and 1 song, and that was pretty sweet as well. After that though it was off to our homes for the night, which meant a hot one with no air conditioning.

The houses were on stilts, so we were on the equivalent of the second story, and we had 8 people in each house. We were all in like room with 4 beds each with its own bug net, and being the only couple in our house, we had one to ourselves, while all the others had to share one bed with another person. We had all the windows open, and there were fans, but it was still damn hot that’s for sure. We stayed up for a bit playing guessing games, and playing on our phones or tablets, but at about 9pm it was time for bed.

The sleep actually wasn’t so bad, and I was woken up at one point by a massive rain and lightening storm which was pretty cool, and at another point I freaked myself out when part of the bug net slipped off the bed and landed on me. I quickly woke up and fixed it hoping no bugs got in. I then laid back down, only for me to feel something slide up my back, which really freaked me out, as I assumed something had got in when the first part had fallen in.

I leaped up, grabbed my cell phone as a torch, and started searching the bed for clearly the massive spider I assumed was now in our bed, because my right hand was also fully numb, which didn’t help as I kept thinking of those Iraq Camel Spiders that bite and numb you so that they can eat in peace. Mollidy by this stage had also got up and didn’t know what was going on, but grabbed her phone as a light to look as well. That’s when I saw that another part of the net had collapsed in, and what had brushed by back was it blowing in the wind, and not a massive creature of the night. Despite knowing what it was it was still a little hard getting back to sleep after that.


































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