Indo China – Day 19

Well, we were right, the god damn roosters woke us all up around 4.30am, which is always fun, though I did manage to keep sleeping in between the loud calls, and when Mollidy and myself officially got up it was 5.30am when we ventured out to the toilets.

At 7.30am though the group all gathered at the local’s food area and we all ate a simple but yummy breakfast. Not long after that we were all packing up our gear and walking to the bus as we were once again heading back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Once back at the hotel, we had three day rooms to share, where we could dump our bags and shower if needed. We had a whole free day ahead of us, and so Mollidy and myself, and 6 others of the group, decided to go on a private tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels, which now made sense why I had the bad feeling about doing it a couple days earlier. At about 11am our bus turned up for the tour, and we were off.

It was about a 90 minute drive from the inner city, but not really due to distance, as it was the traffic that caused the length of the trip to be that long. The Cu Chi Tunnels were one of the things I really wanted to do when first booking this trip, so I was really glad we were going there, and once there it was really cool seeing them all and getting to climb in and really see how it all worked. Not to the actual extent of seeing a decent amount of the 250km of tunnels, but crawling through 20 meters of it was still pretty sweet, as well as seeing the secrete entrances.

Near the end of the tour there was a shooting range which I just had to partake in, so I bought myself 10 rounds for the M60, Mollidy shared 10 rounds of an AK47 with one of the girls, and two of the guys also shared 10 rounds of the AK47. Though sadly there was a mixup with the people running it, and instead the two guys got my M60 rounds, and I had to shoot the AK47, but that was still pretty fun.

Once the tour was over we headed back to town, and this time it only took about an hour, as the traffic was less. When back we had the chance to go to the day rooms to shower and change as we were leaving the hotel that night for our night train to Nha Trang. We then gathered in the lobby waiting for our bus, and everyone said goodbye to the Danish girl as she was flying out back home for her surgery, so once again that was a bit odd knowing how easy the whole trip could be over for anyone of us.

The bus station wasn’t far from the hotel, and by the time we got to our sleeper rooms it was about 7.30pm. We were sharing with the only other couple left on the trip, and being the only other couple meant we had gotten buddy buddy with them, as it really is different being on this trip single than it is as a couple. The room had 4 bunk beds, and was actually pretty cool, so we were all looking forward to finally getting to bed.

At 8pm it finally took off, and it was going to get to Nha Trang around 5am the next morning, so we were going to get to bed soon enough, but first Mollidy and myself wanted to check out the dinning cart. 7 carts later, we were in the dinning cart which was a hilarious place, where pretty much only locals used, and most of them were pretty damn drunk. But we were loving it, so we got the only free booth and ordered a plate of chips and just listened to the yelling and loud talking as they drank more and more. Though once we finished our food we headed back and mucked around for a bit on our iPads before we finally decided to sleep.

Today I want to talk about reconfirming things with the locals, as often when they say yes, it may actually mean no, and often it’s easier for them to just go along with what they think you said rather than ask you again what you meant. As an example Mollidy and myself once ordered 2 Coke Lights, which is Diet Coke in Asia, and instead we got Chocolate drinks. You can see how they sound the same of course, as it was clearly misheard. This is why pointing to things you want it always good, or saying things two to three times to really confirm is the best way to go.
















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