Indo China – Day 21

This morning started pretty early, as we woke up around 5.30am, which wasn’t that bad really seeing as we were in bed so early the night before. The main thing though was Mollidy was feeling heaps better, and seeing as she had basically eaten nothing the day before, and hadn’t been able to keep down much water, meant she was both hungry and thirsty, as was I but to a lesser degree.

We showered, got changed, and headed out into the street at around 7.30am, and found a nice place around the corner for the stock standard South East Asian Western breakfast, scrabbled eggs and a baguette. After breakfast we headed back to the hotel and paid for our room to be a day room, as technically we were meant to check out at 12 as we were moving on that day, but everyone had an option of the extension if they wanted to pay for it.

We also picked up our fresh washing, but it was still a little damp and a bra that wasn’t Mollidy’s was in there, so that wasn’t the best, but they would dry before we left, and we dropped the bra back at the front desk, so no harm no foul. We also decided on what we wanted to do that day, as with Mollidy still recovering meant we weren’t 100% sure what she could do, but one option was too inviting, and that was a trip to a Vinpearl Island!

Vinpearl is a 5 star resort island in Nha Trang, and you can get there by two ways, boat, or the worlds longest over water gondola, stretching 3km, and with stunning views of the whole area. We of course took the scenic option, and the cost of which included full access to the theme park and water park on the other end, and at a price so low that you could go every day for a week and only then have it match the price of one day at Disneyland.

We had a beautiful gondola ride, which we shared with the only other couple left on the trip who also decided on this activity, as most of the group decided on a city tour and hot mud baths instead. Once there we went our separate ways, but knew we would bump into each other eventually. First up we saw there was a dolphin and seal show about to start, which I’m always cautious of as you don’t know their living conditions, but we decided to check it out anyway, and it was really good, and they seemed to be very well looked after.

We then moved onto the water park which was awesome! So awesome that we choose a beach swim first, which consisted of their very own 500 meter long stretch of perfectly white sanded beach with beautiful clear water and shark and jelly fish nets keeping all the nasties out. This was the first time in the trip that it really felt like we were on a luxury holiday, and it felt awesome! After that we started on the rides themselves!

After a couple of awesome slides we found ourselves pretty hungry, so we headed for a snack at one of the parks eateries, but the food ended up being pretty average, which sucked, but I guess we weren’t there for the food. We then hit up another 5 or 6 slides, all of which were a lot of fun, and some we were able to do as a couple on a blow up double tube. After all of those though, and at around 2.30pm, Mollidy started to feel a little ill so we decided to call it a day on the water slides.

We went for another dip in the ocean though to round off the day, and that’s when I realised the park had a lot of Yakuza, or the Japanese Mafia for those who don’t know who that is. I’ve seen a lot of Japanese gangsta movies, and docos on the subject, so I know a little bit, and when you see around 10 people, both guys and girls, rocking upper body decorative Yakuza tattoos, you can’t help but take notice.

It’s not like they were causing any issues, as it looked like they were there with family members, both young and old, and they were just enjoying the rides and water as much as the next person, but it touches on a point I made in an early post about the presence of gangs here, and once again my suspicions have wrung true. So it was suffice to say I became doubly conscious of not getting in the way of anyone who might be a badass, because there were also lots of large Russians around as well.

After the swim we got changed and headed for the aquarium, and that was a nice 30-40 minutes, but some of the animals seemed they were in cases to small for them, so it was hard to get lost in the spectacle completely. Once finished there though it was another gondola ride back to the mainland and then a public bus back to the hotel where we showered and got changed to head out for dinner.

We found an Italian restaurant for dinner, and it was delicious, which put us in good shape for the second night train of the trip ahead. We then grabbed much needed 30 minute leg massages, and then after that it was back to the hotel to get our stuff and join the group to head to the train station. As we left the hotel in the taxi for the station, it was the first time in the trip that I wished we had an extra day, as I felt like we were leaving with more fun things left to do.

The last train trip wasn’t the easiest for sleep, but it was nice, but sadly this one was a step down, and really the worse thing were the bugs, and before we put our heads down to sleep, the four of us in our room had collectively killed 23 of the suckers! So it was going to be an interesting sleep ahead!

In today’s post I wanted to touch on sleeping in rooms without windows. We were told that this can happen all over Indo China, but the first place we actually came across this was Vietnam, though others in the group had it happen in Cambodia. It’s really odd going to sleep and not having the natural sunlight give you a clue of what time it is. Is it 4am, or have you over slept and it’s 11am? It’s very odd indeed, so just be prepared when staying in South East Asia that your hotel room may not always have a window, and if this is an issue, be sure to book one that has it.























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