Indo China – Day 23

Even though we didn’t have an alarm this morning, we still found ourselves waking up kind of early, which seems to be the norm for us these days. Not that we got out of bed, as just relaxing doing nothing can sometimes be just as good as actual sleep. Though once 9.30am rolled around, we ventured out into the already over 30 degree weather and went for breakfast.

We had been recommended a place just down the road which was run by a charity where underprivileged kids can come and get free training in the service industry, so we thought a yummy breakfast and helping out the locals all in one would be a good idea. Though it’s a nice place, and a good cause, the food itself was just ok, but it did the job and we continued further into town to look at the shops and maybe get something made.

It wasn’t as hot as yesterday, but when it’s still in the mid 30s it’s still damn not no matter what, and after an hour walking around looking at various shops I was wilting again, so we headed for a bar where we downed water and some other drinks, and it made me feel like a new person again. Also Hoi An just doesn’t seem to have air con, so when that’s lacking it’s amazing how just a good fan can help break the heat, which this bar had and got me ready for the next stage of the day.

By this point we knew what we wanted to get made, and that would be carry on travel bags, as Mollidy’s had given up the ghost a few days earlier so needed a new one, and I thought a high quality leather travel bag would be pretty awesome as well. So we found a place we liked, made our personal changes to the designs, haggled a good price, paid our deposit, and then left having to wait the 24 hours for them to be made.

With that done, we made our way back to the hotel for a swim, and then naps, as at 4pm the group was meeting for a bike tour of Hoi An. This tour was pretty cool and involved a bit of street riding at the beginning before hitting the countryside, but about an hour into it, after having Mollidy riding behind me the whole time, I heard a shout from behind saying stop, as the whole group rides single file with Bon our tour leader at the front.

I stopped my bike, put down the kick stand, and turned around, and that’s when I noticed Mollidy wasn’t behind me, which suddenly made me worry, as I couldn’t see her. I got off my bike and started walking back, as the group was spread out, and I’m sure I heard the guy right behind me, who had been riding behind Mollidy, said she had come off her bike, which of course made me worry even more.

I started to run back, and I saw her standing, in what looked like a slightly hunched over position by her bike with people around her, and this made me run faster. As I got to her though I could tell she was fine, and she turned to me and said her bike wasn’t working, which was a big relief knowing she hadn’t fallen and it was just her bike that had broken. The chain was fine, but for some reason turning the peddles didn’t turn the wheels, so the bike was pretty much useless at that point.

Because of this we had to cut the bike short, as Bon had to double her on his bike, while also balancing the other bike alongside them, and that wasn’t the type of set up you’d want for another hour of biking. So we got back in our convoy and headed back into town, and once back at the hotel, Mollidy and myself went straight to the pool as even though it was late afternoon, it was still a damn hot bike ride, and the pool was a great relief.

After a swim we got changed and headed back into town for dinner, and as a small tribute to Robbin Williams who passed away the day before, I bought myself a Good Morning Vietnam singlet, and we had dinner at this Italian restaurant called Good Morning Vietnam. The food was actually really good, and so not only was it a nice personal tribute we wanted to do, it was a damn good feed as well.

After that we headed back to the hotel and had another late night swim, which is when we noticed that we have bats in our hotel that fly over the pool. We saw them last night but thought they were birds, but taking a closer look tonight we realised they were in fact small bats. Another cool and odd thing to experience on this trip. Then at around 10pm it was time for bed, as I had still been fighting this cold all day, and I needed the rest for sure.

Today I want to talk about toilet paper, as often you’ll never have access to this at places you stop off during your trips, and some times even at restaurants and hotels. So it’s good practice to have toilet paper, baby wipes, tissues, or wet wipes on you at all times, so that no matter what situation you find yourself in you’ll at least have access to your own supply. And when you’re fighting a cold, they come in double handy!






















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