Indo China – Day 24

Today we woke up pretty damn early for no real reason, around 5.30am, and though Mollidy was able to go back to sleep for a few hours, I took it as a chance to catch up with my writing. This was a good thing for my writing, but maybe not a good idea for me, as though I was feeling better, I still had a cold I was fighting, and I felt damn tired.

When Mollidy did finally wake up around 8.30am, we didn’t really do anything, as we still had nothing planned for this day, and we actually thought this might be a good day to have off. So far on the trip, which was onto its 24th day, we had only had one day off, and like I said then with that blog post, it might sound odd to have a day off from a holiday, but when your holiday is this long it’s actually rather important to do.

At around 11am we finally ventured out into the world, and having eaten nothing, we knew we needed food, but we also needed to drop our laundry off, which we did next door, and they said to pick it up around 7pm. The bags we were getting made were meant to be picked up at around 8pm, so our evening was looking more and more defined especially when adding in a trip to a restaurant for dinner.

For lunch though Mollidy had found a Mexican restaurant using Triposo, so we walked around a bit looking for that, but the map was wrong, and by the time we found free wifi by standing outside a cafe to find the true location and then walked there, we found it was only a dinner time restaurant. It was the middle of the day, and super hot, so we were both pretty exhausted and frustrated it wasn’t open, so we opened up the app again and quickly found a substitute down the road.

The lunch ended up being really damn good, and a few cold drinks sorted us out as well, and as we still had no where else to go, we just sat there for a good while enjoying the fans. Eventually we headed back to the hotel for showers, and after that naps were in order, which knocked us out for a good few hours. When we finally got up, showered, and thought about heading out, it was 6pm.

We went to the laundry first to see if it was done, which it was, so that checked off one thing, and then we walked about 1km down the main road to an Indian restaurant, as we love Indian food, and we are wanting to try it in each country we visit. The food ended up being so damn good, and exactly what we felt like and needed, but as usual we ordered too much and felt over full, but we regretted nothing.

We then walked to the bag store at 7.30pm, but they said it was now going to be more like 9pm due to the extra work on Mollidy’s bag. We took this as an opportunity to look at the markets, and I ended up buying a singlet, and both Mollidy and myself got ourselves silk bed sheets, as our cotton ones had come in very handy so far during this trip and silk just sounded awesome, especially at such a great price, as back home they are over $100, and these we got for under $10.

We then headed back to the place we had lunch at for a few waters and some ice cream, though I did regret that, as it fully pushed me over the edge to feeling way over full. Though it did kill some time, and when we headed back the bags were ready, but Mollidy had one issue they still needed to fix. But we got my bag, and we headed back to the hotel.

Once back we had another late night swim and then right on 10pm Mollidy’s bag turned up at the hotel, with everything on it perfect, and so we both had our bags, and we could look forward to packing them that night, as we were heading off in the morning. Which is exactly what we did, and by midnight we were ready to go, and so put our heads down and drifted off to sleep.

Today I want to talk about hand sanitiser, which is something we may all use from time to time in our regular lives, but it ends up becoming a key part of traveling in foreign countries, especially ones that may not hold the same cleanliness standards as we do. So be it one you keep in your hand bag, toiletry bag, or day bag, either way this will be a life saver for before meals, after using bathrooms, or anytime you just feel your hands could do with an extra clean.










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