Indo China – Day 25

Our bus leaving Hoi An was coming at 9am, but for some reason I thought it was 8am, so we were packed and in the lobby ready to go when we realised my error, and we couldn’t go back to the room either, as they had already started cleaning it. So we left our bags in the lobby, and went to the pool to dip our feet in, and we lay on the deck chairs and soaked up the early morning sun, as even at 8am it was pool weather.

When the bus did leave it was a good feeling, as when leaving Nha Trang it was the first time of the trip we felt like we could do with an extra day in a place, but leaving Hoi An it was the first time we felt like we could have done with a day less, as nearly three days really was enough. With Hue next up on the list of places to stay, and another beautiful day of weather, meant we were in good spirits.

The drive took four hours but that included a few stops for sightseeing, which included amazing beaches and some spectacular mountain views of the coast line, but eventually we got to where we were headed, the once capital of Vietnam and home of the royal family and palace, Hue. The place was also going to be part of our afternoon as Bon was taking us on a guided tour of it.

First up though we had lunch at a local restaurant which was nice, and then we got back onto our private bus to head to the palace, and though it was damn hot which can make your concentration and enthusiasm wane, it was actually really interesting, and a good couple of hours spent walking around and listening to Bon. We all needed good showers after that though, so we settled into our hotel rooms, and then at 7pm we met up again as a group.

We settled on what we were doing the next day, with some doing one thing, and others doing another, and then most of the group went off for a dinner with a local family, but 4 of us, including Mollidy and myself, opted to do our own thing. The two of us taxied into town and ate at a local restaurant, but while walking around to find a place to eat I was offered to buy drugs 4 times, which made me wonder if I had the look of a druggy, but before long we were walking home and settling into bed, as we were very tired, and we had a big day ahead.

Today I want to talk about making time fly by on long trips, and nothing does that better than a tablet or iPad. Music, movies, games, books, and the internet if you happen to have wifi on your bus or other mode of transport. I know this advice might sound redundant, but not till this trip have I really experienced time flying-bye so quickly on such long journeys now that I have an iPad to whittle away the hours on. A must have for any serious traveler for sure!































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