Indo China – Day 27

With another decent sleep, we wondered what to do with the day as it was going to be a little broken up due to us leaving the hotel slightly earlier than we normally do when taking an overnight train. We also had to checkout at 12, but once again we thought it best to extend our room into a day room. So once 8.30am rolled around, we headed upstairs for breakfast again, which meant it was the first time ever we have eaten at the same place twice during the trip, and afterwards we went to the lobby to extend our room, to which we returned to keep relaxing.

With not enough time to really go and see and do anything, and maybe lacking the energy and will, we just stayed in the room, and it wasn’t till just after midday that we headed into town for lunch and for Mollidy to get a hair cut. Also midday today marked the exact half way point of this 53 day trip, so that was a nice little milestone to tick off. Once in town we decided to get the hair cut first, as we weren’t fully hungry yet, and we also thought in case that goes long, it’s best to cut the lunch short rather than the hair cut.

We went to a place Mollidy has spotted the day before, which we remembered to mark on our map on our phone so as to find it again, and while she was getting her head and hair pampered, I got myself a foot massage. The massage was just ok, and what was meant to be 40 minutes for Mollidy turned into over 90 minutes, so when we finally left, there was no time for lunch, and instead we had to head straight back to the hotel to finish packing.

Once back at the hotel we had about 45 minutes up our sleeves which was ample time, and we headed down to the lobby a bit early to drop our bags and join the rest of the group. Once 3.45pm rolled around it was time to get on our bus which took us the short drive to the train station, and this was going to be our third and final overnight train trip of this Vietnam leg of the journey.

The train was meant to be leaving at 4.30pm, and it was going to get in at 4.30am in Hanoi, which no one was looking forward to, so we all wished the train was going to be late, which is was, but only by 30 minutes. We also had the fresh memories of bugs from the last train on our minds, so all up not many of us were really looking forward to this last train trip.

Once on board though it was decent enough, and a step up from the last one, but not as nice as the first. Also where there were bugs on that one, this time we had mice, but our two only bugged us for the first hour, and then disappeared into other areas of the train. So we mucked around a bit on our iPads, talked a bit, and then tucked ourselves in for what we hoped to be a decent night sleep, and I was also looking forward to using my new silk bed sheet I had bought a couple days before.

Today I’m going to talk about a rather simple travel tip, and that’s to travel for practicality, not comfort or style, as everyone I’ve seen who are always trying to look their best, or wanting the most cushy of situations, have been the most miserable at times as they struggle to get what they want. If you head off on the trip with the mindset of just enjoying it and putting up with the bad bits, you’ll have a hell of a lot more fun.




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