Indo China – Day 37

We were awoken early this morning, at around 6.30am, by a massive downpour which sounded awesome. Though it didn’t really help me on the sleep front, as I was still pretty exhausted from the day before. Instead of getting up we just chilled out for a bit before getting into our usual routine, of showering, changing, and packing, and then we headed off for breakfast. We went to the same place as yesterday and once again had very cheap and filling meals.

At 9am our private bus turned up and we loaded up our bags, got our seats, and sat back for the 7 hour journey to the once capital of Laos, Luang Prabang. The distance itself wasn’t the reason the trip was long, as the length of the trip came from the bad roads and the massive mountain areas we had to drive through, but with scenery as beautiful as we got to see, meant this was to be a pleasure.

The first part of the trip flew by, which was mainly because I was busy writing, but that was followed up with a good nap, and when we were both woken for our first stop, we would have much rather kept on sleeping. But once awake it was worth it, as we had made it up the mountain pass, and we were now surrounded by amazing views all around. Even the toilet had amazing views, as they were all open air, meaning you had the toilet to use and the view on the other side where the wall usually is pointed out over a massive valley, giving rather impressive views when relieving yourself.

We grabbed some snacks, as the food was mainly full meals at this stop, and we didn’t think we had enough time to order and eat it, so we just took seats overlooking another amazing view and munched away. Once back on the bus we launched into the last leg of the trip, as we were about half way there. We made only one more stop along the way, and as usual before we knew it were at our destination, Luang Prabang, which also meant we were saying goodbye to our other guide Saly who’s 5 days with us was at an end.

It was nearly 5pm by this stage, and after checking into our rooms we had an hour to chill before meeting as a group again. When we met up Mollidy and myself were pretty damn hungry as we hadn’t really eaten anything decent since breakfast, but sadly we weren’t going to eat for another 2 hours. What made up those two hours though was an orientation walk around the town with Chai, where we walked around the central mountain called Mount Phousi, but pronounced pussy, which of course made Mollidy and myself laugh.

We were also taken through the night market, and then a street food alley, before the whole thing ended down by the river front. It gave us a good idea of what was on offer, and how to walk around ourselves, but we were very hungry, so when it came to an end, and we could go our separate ways, we headed straight back to the main road to find somewhere to eat.

Once there though we forgot how long the main road was with the market on it, and it felt like we nearly walked a kilometre before popping out the other end to where the restaurants were. We found a nice looking place though, ordered our food, and by the time it arrived it was nearly 8pm, so we were pretty damn hungry, seeing as we had been that way since 6pm. Mine ended up being just ok, but Mollidy really didn’t like hers, and she even went as far as saying it was the worst meal of the trip so far.

After eating we thought maybe a massage was in order, but we still had last nights one on our minds, so we were a little skeptical of the places we saw, so instead we just looked at places offering half day and full day trips, as we were here for two full days, so we knew we had time to do some fun things. We saw some ones about washing and riding elephants, but as I’m a bit cautious about such things, we wanted to go home and research it more before booking one.

We then headed back to the hotel, showered, jumped in bed, and looked up a few things online, but the net was very slow, which made this tough, so instead we decided to just relax and figure it all out in the morning, and so with that we put our heads down and went to sleep.

A great tip when travelling is the multi plug, as we all tend to have many electrical devices theses days that need charging. So take with you an adaptor for your country of choice, surge protector if needed, and a 4 to 6 multi plug, and at night you’ll be able to charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop, and anything else you might need, and this has saved me on many occasions.













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