Indo China – Day 41

We had been told that the power may shut off at 10pm in the town, but luckily that didn’t happen, but we were awoken by the fan and air conditioner turning on at around 5am, so clearly it did shut off at some point during the night. One thing that shut off for sure, and was more likely a choice of the guest house rather than the town, was the internet shut off at 10pm, and didn’t restart again till 6am.

So though we were up earlier than expected with the noise of everything turning back on, it was only by 30 minutes, so we just chilled in bed before getting up to shower, change, and pack. At 6.30am we headed down to the lobby with our bags, picked up our packed takeaway breakfast and morning snack, and we walked as a group down to the pier. Knowing we had another full day on the boat wasn’t exactly a great feeling, so instead of going back to the booth we had the day before, we instead grabbed one row of seats near the front of the boat where at least we could lay down fully.

Once on the way we ate our breakfast, which was actually really yummy, and then just sat watching the river pass us by. Just like yesterday there were only so many things to see out of the boat, so we spent most of the time talking, being silly, and playing on our iPads. Though we did also get decent naps in which was nice, and even though it was easier to sleep on these chairs more than the booth yesterday, it still wasn’t exactly the most comfortable sleeping situation.

5 hours into the trip we had lunch served again, and it was a bit different than yesterday, though still yummy. We then settled back in for the rest of the trip, but I was very much over it by this stage, as it kind of felt like we had just spent two full days doing nothing at all. At almost exactly 4pm, 9 hours after we left, we got to the last stop on the boat trip, and we could finally say goodbye to it. It was then onto two trucks for a 20 minute ride to the Laos and Thailand border.

This border crossing was about as easy as the Cambodia and Vietnam border, so we got through quickly with little much hassle, and before we knew it we were in Thailand once again. We got onto two private minivans, and then had another 20 minute drive, but this time to our guest house for the night in the town of Chiangkong.

It was 6pm by this point, and I was getting hungry, so we decided to relax for an hour in our rooms before meeting at the guest houses restaurant at 7pm for dinner, and by the time we met I was more than ready to eat. There were a few issues with food as usual when dealing with a big table, but all up I really enjoyed the meal, and it filled me up perfectly. After that it was back to the rooms to shower, relax, and waste a few hours being silly before hitting the sack.

Today I want to talk about one tip we picked up in Laos, and it’s one I also want to take back home to see if it works there, and that’s clapping to scare away some flying bugs. This doesn’t work for all bugs of course, but often when you have something flying around you, just clap a few times and more often than not they’ll bugger off. Here’s hoping it works for the common New Zealand fly, as well as wasps and bees.




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