Indo China – Day 44

As far as uncomfortable nights go, this was up there, as my hip was causing me all sorts of issues, and as Mollidy and myself were sharing the equivalent of a bed slightly bigger than a single, meant there wasn’t much room for me to move around to find comfortable positions. Add into the mix a few trips to the bathroom during the night, which is very odd for me, and you get something that I wouldn’t exactly call restful.

We were finally woken up though at around 5am, as we were getting in at 6.30am, but they needed time to turn our beds back into seats, which is why we needed the earlier wake up call. Once up and packed, though in the same clothes we slept in, we just waited for the final stop, and soon enough we were there, back in Bangkok, where this whole trip started for us 43 days ago, and where this group trip had left 38 days earlier.

We all got into taxis and headed back to the same hotel that we stayed in on the first night of the trip, and we had been told we wouldn’t have our rooms ready till the afternoon, so would have to store the bags and venture out into the city for a city tour to kill time. Though thankfully when we arrived all our rooms were ready to go, to everyone’s great relief, and so instead of looking to head straight out we were told we didn’t need to meet back in the lobby till 11am.

With a nice soft bed to lay on, and showers under our belts, we just chilled out, which felt awesome! Though at around 9am we started to get hungry, so we headed down to the street to a small cafe around the corner, and we both had really decent breakfasts. We also dropped off another bag of washing, which some how had gotten full again only one day since the last one, but when’s it’s got to be done it’s got to be done.

We then headed back to the hotel for what we hoped would be a nap, as we were still recovering from the bad sleep the night just gone, but instead of that we ended up just mucking around looking at our photos and chatting. At 11am though we headed down to the lobby to join the group, and we headed off for our city tour, which started with a short walk to the river where we bordered a public river boat that would take us further into the city.

The boat was jam packed full of locals and a few tourists, and after about a 20 minute ride we were at our stop which was to get us onto the sky train, or what some people call an L Train. We paid our fare and walked up to the platform, though Chai was ahead of everyone else and got on first, and only two others were able to board before the doors closed and the train was gone. There was no need to panic though, as we knew where we were going, so we just bordered the next train and caught up with them at the next stop.

When we reached our destination we were at MBK which is the mega mall we went to during our first few days in Bangkok, so as the others were lead by Chai to find the food, Mollidy and myself went and did our own thing, which we are very accustomed to doing, as we really do love doing our own thing. After a short toilet break we went looking for somewhere I could get a hair cut, as I was in desperate need of a head shave, as being bald is one thing, but letting your hair grow enough that you look really bald is another.

While we looked though we saw BK, and as we had done very well and only had fast food once on the whole trip, we suddenly thought why not give in and have it again, which we did, and it was awesome! After that we found a place to get my hair cut, and while the lady was shaving my head with a number one, she kept talking to Mollidy to try and get her to have her’s cut as well, though as she had a hair cut only a week before, this was to no avail.

At 1pm we met as a group again, and had another short walk to one of the many canals around the city where we jumped on an even smaller public boat for a 10 minute ride back in the direction of the hotel. Once off this, the rest of the group were heading off to a temple that we were seeing in a few days time by ourselves, so instead Mollidy and myself jumped on a Tuk Tuk and headed to Khaosan Road, back where our first hotel was during the formative days of the trip.

We walked around a bit to check out the market, though nothing caught the eye, and so we eventually just walked back to the hotel which was only 1km down the road. We weren’t meeting till 7.30pm for the end of trip meal, and so we had plenty of time to kill, which we spent sleeping. As we were leaving earlish in the morning for our next hotel where we’d be staying for 8 nights, and we didn’t know how long we would be away for that night, we decided to have everything packed before we headed off for dinner.

At 7.30pm we met the group in the lobby and we walked for about 15 minutes to a restaurant where we had a nice Thai meal, had the speeches, said the goodbyes, which I hate doing in all forms of my life, as does Mollidy, and then most of us went our separate ways and it was over. It was an odd feeling, but after 40 days on the road it was nice knowing we were once again masters of our own destiny. We took advantaged of this right away as we walked around the night market and then got feet and leg massages, which were damn good.

Once back at the hotel it was after 11pm, and though we should have gone to bed right away as we were getting up at 7am, which in the greater scheme of things wasn’t that early of a start, but we were still pretty tired, but we didn’t actually end up falling asleep till 1am, which meant we were bound to be pretty damn tired again in the morning and for the rest of the next day.

What I want to talk about today is such a simple thing, but is so damn useful in a foreign country, and that is the business cards of the hotel you’re staying at. These simple things can be used at anytime to show locals, or taxi drivers, who will most likely know where the address is or exactly how to get there. In a way it makes you feel a bit lazy as you don’t need to remember actual street names, or even the hotel name in some situations, but the ease of just handing over a card to get where you’re going just makes life so much easier.







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