Indo China – Day 47

Another morning, and another day with no alarm. I could get used to this! Though not long after waking it was time to shower and change, and then off for another glorious free breakfast at the rather well stocked and varied buffet. Once we were full, though to be honest it was once again over full, we caught the hotel private Tuk Tuk down to the BTS sky train station, and it was time to once again hit up one of the biggest markets in the world, Chatuchak market.

We’ve come to really like using the sky train and it makes life so much easier to get around as we don’t need to worry about being ripped off by Tuk Tuks or taxis, being harassed by their drivers looking for fares, or generally dealing with the still kind of dangerous streets as you walk them. That’s not to say using the sky train is perfect, but for today’s morning trip it sure felt like a good choice.

We got to the market at around 11am, and spent the first two hours walking around sections that we never saw the first time. This shows how big this market really is, that you can spend so many hours walking around it and still not see everything there is to see. We were pretty interested in shoes, so checked out many stores at the beginning, and it also gave us an insight into the world of cheap knockoffs, as even in that world there are the expensive good ones, and the cheap and nasty ones.

Though in that first two hours the only thing I bought was a magnet, and Mollidy didn’t get anything. This wasn’t because we hadn’t seen anything we liked, but more came down to the fact we didn’t want to have to carry anything else for the rest of the day. So with a plan in our minds to come back and buy things at the end, we headed off for lunch. It was around this time we started to enter areas we had been to before, so we knew where some of the food stalls were.

After picking one we thought looked decent, we finally had a chance to sit down, which felt damn good, as it was pretty hot as well, and even though this was open air, it was still nice to get off our feet and take a breather even if it was still hot and sweaty. The food was all right, and the cold drinks most likely went down better than the food, but before long we were back into the fray of things walking up and down the market isles.

Another three hours of walking later, all we had to show for it was a t-shirt for me, and a couple of items for Mollidy. It’s amazing how much walking and looking you can do for either no or very little buying. We also decided to give the shoes a miss, as we knew other markets we could buy these at and they would be less crowded and possibly even better prices. So with that we headed back to the sky train and made our way back to the hotel.

As we had done two of the precious three nights, we stopped off at the 7/11 to buy drinks and noodles, though tonight it was just as a back up, though I knew deep down we weren’t going to leave home once we were back. Sure enough, after we had showered, and got into our dressing gowns, we opted for noodles for the third time in four nights, though we also promised ourselves that would be the last time. Then at around 11pm we headed to bed, and drifted off, as a day at the markets is damn tiring!





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