Indo China – Day 48

This morning we got up with the idea of doing something other than hitting up malls or markets which we had done the three previous days, so we thought it was time to do the main temples. So we showered, changed, and headed to the buffet to get fat as we had been doing every morning since getting to this hotel. Once we had ticked those boxes, it was out of the hotel, which we left at around 10.30am.

Though after we got off the hotel Tuk Tuk that took us to the closest BTS sky train station, Mollidy thought doing the temples in the heat of the day might be too much, so maybe we should hit up another mall first and do the temples in the afternoon. It was pretty hot, and because we were going to temples I had worn a t-shirt which you have to do when visiting them, so thought it might be a bit hot as well. So with that we jumped on Triposo and found another major mall we had yet to see, the Platinum mall.

As we are staying in the main business and shopping district of Bangkok, most of these malls are all within a few kilometres of each other, so when we looked at the map, it looked as though the train wasn’t really an option as it didn’t cut much of the trip out, so instead we thought we’d walk the 1km. Though what we thought was 1km felt closer to two, and when we got there we were both very hot and I was pretty sore.

The Platinum mall is made up of two large buildings joined by a sky bridge on the second floor, and the first is 5 stories, and the second is 6 stories. We hit up the first one and spent 90 minutes or so looking through it, and it was at this point I realised I had shopping fatigue. Or more specifically walking around malls and markets fatigue, as this was the 4th day in a row of doing this and we had easily clocked up 12 hours of it in those first three, so I turned into zombie mode for this one and just followed Mollidy around.

The mall itself was pretty average, as all the shoes, clothes, and bags weren’t the best, but we hit up every floor and every row of shops, as this isn’t like a mall back home where one shop can take up a lot of space, here the equivalent of one of our shops would be 4 to 6 of theirs. So there was a lot to see, and after 90 minutes it was time to eat, or at the very least drink, as my brain was mush, and my body was starting to break down from all the walking.

We walked across to the second part of the mall, and this building was not only taller by one floor, but each floor was maybe over twice as big. They had a food court on the top floor, so we headed up there and grabbed something to eat. After eating, and getting some much needed liquids into the system, we started hitting each floor as we went down, and this part of the mall was clearly the main one, as everything was better here than in the other building.

Another few hours of walking and shopping followed, which meant seeing the temples was now out of the question, but Mollidy was able to pick up a few things for herself and some gifts for others. Then finally on the bottom floor I found a shoe place I liked and so forked out for three pairs of shoes at a price I was very happy about. It was nearly 4pm by this stage, and even Mollidy was over shopping, so we decided to head along to Siam Paragon to see a movie.

There were only two movies we thought about seeing, but one of them was a horror we thought we might know about, but as we had no internet meant we couldn’t look it up to clarify this, but the other was one we did know about, at that was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Mollidy was a little skeptical about it, but I said it should at least be a bit of fun, which it sure was, and we both ended up really liking it.

It was after 6pm by this point, so we headed to the sky train, went a couple stops, and then went looking for an Indian restaurant. This search took us into what we guessed was the Muslim area, as there were many Middle Eastern, Indian, Pakistani, and North African restaurants about, as well as people. We eventually found an Indian restaurant, which I thought was very average in both the food and atmosphere, and then after that it was back to the hotel to wash off the day, and hit the sack.


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